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Trayvax Trek Field Knife Now on Kickstarter

The Trayvax Trek Field Knife is now live on Kickstarter until March 22nd 2019. Don't miss out on early bird pricing! Check out the Kickstarter for all details. Please support our campaign and bring the Trayvax Knife to market!   Check out these great reviews: Everyday Carry: "They designed the Trek with thoughtful details and the best materials on the market to create the toughest and most reliable knife you can carry." The-Gadgeteer: "The Trayvax Trek Field Knife is an elegant knife for a more civilized age." Globo Surfer: "this product would be a great addition to your survival kit."    

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Knife Kickstarter Coming Soon

Its taken us five years of constant improvements to construct our first knife. We are over the top excited to be nearly finished designing and machining our field knife.  As soon as our design is finished, we will launch the knife on Kickstarter with two metal options and two sheath options. One bundle will also include a Guided Field Sharpener from Work Sharp. Once the Kickstarter is live, we will update this page with more information and a link to the Kickstarter. 

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Why Millennials Hate (or Love) Credit Cards

Compared to older generations, millennials are increasingly ditching credit cards, and choosing to use cash and debit cards. None of this is good for big banks - but it’s also bad news for many millennials. It appears that the bulk of millennials simply do not use credit cards...

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