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Converting to a Minimalist Wallet

Someone gifted you a slim wallet or even better you took the dive and bought it for yourself… but now what?

How the heck are you going to fit all your cards in there?

What do I do with the stuff in my old bulky wallet?

“Woah, this feels great in my hand.”

Essentials Only

Loading up a brand new, high quality Trayvax wallet for the first time comes with some moments of relief as well as unknown beginnings. The first step to converting to a minimalist wallet is locking in your everyday carry. 

Try to digitalize cards when possible, this goes for the pesty loyalty cards. Smartphone apps provide options for digitizing business cards, receipts and passwords to release the burdens. Basically, only bring the essentials, the cards you use everyday, any “must-haves” and leave everything else. This includes business cards, that gift card with $0.47 on it & any pictures, fortune cookie messages or corky personal keep sakes your old wallet has been storing for years.

Give it a month. Using products that change up our daily routine can be frustrating at first. We created convenient guidelines tips for packing lighthow to use a minimalist wallet and how to slim down your wallet for your convenience.

We asked three regular guys to convert to their new Trayvax wallet on camera.


The Firsts

[Spine chills] “WHERE IS MY WALLET!?” I think to myself.

This circumstance happens to me still on a daily basis. I recently switched from the Contour to our slimmest wallet available the Armored SummitWith how lightweight and slim the Summit is I regularly forget that it is in my pocket. Just yesterday I was looking all over my car for my RFID protecting Armored Summit to pay at the drive-thru… it was in my front right pocket the whole time. 

Talk about embarrassing! There is a chance this may happen to you as you transition into a new thin wallet. Especially for the ones who are used to carrying around a fat, bulky wallet. 

As you come to expect this new slim feel of your micro wallet, some other conveniences will slowly arise. From stashing cash in the money clip to popping bottles tops, our wallets will save you small bits of time that inevitably adds up. Get excited for the freedom to move quicker, and more effectively upon switching to a slim, minimalist wallet. 

Quickly Access All Your Everyday Essentials.

Slim Wallet Norms

Decluttering is hard; start small and give it time to work. Cleaning out your wallet is a great way to take control of your pocket. I found that before I converted to a Trayvax wallet I would carry around items I did not use everyday. These things weigh us down, let them go. 

Cleaning out your pockets will make room for a front pocket carry. Did you know that carrying a wallet can create long term back pain? Check out the full article here. At Trayvax, we are all about building for longevity - that said we have your back when it comes to front pocket carry wallet options.

Overtime our leather wallets gain character based on how you use it. The way leather is made allows a patina to set in as it is used. Our American sourced, full-grain leather is perfect for telling your story this way. The daily use slowly forms a custom fit unique to the way you use it, called a patina.

Eventually you will be the one at the bar boosting about how much converting to a minimalist wallet has changed your life. Debating with friends on the endless benefits of a slim wallet, whilst they still lug around a big heavy wallet. 

We hope you are enjoying our wallets as much as we do! If there are any quick tips you have found after using our products we'd love to hear them in the comments below.


Brian Z - Trayvax Content Creator


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Mike Bohling
Mike Bohling

April 19, 2021

I am thankful that I bought the 2.0. It really has helped relive some of my back pain. Being able to carry the wallet any were I want, has made driving much more pleasant. Thanks Trayvax !

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