Best Travel Wallets to Stay Organized on the Go

Best Travel Wallets to Stay Organized on the Go

Travel wallets make every step of your next adventure less stressful, more organized, and more fun! If you’re planning to travel and don’t have a travel wallet yet, here is the info you need about the best travel wallets to stay organized. Picture yourself at the crowded TSA gate in line with all your luggage. They ask to see your passport and boarding pass at the moment it seems like you just don’t have enough hands. Plus, you need to keep an eye out for pickpockets and thieves!

A well-organized travel wallet helps you stay organized and keep valuables safe while you’re on the go. But your passport will fit into many purses or packs. So, why consider a specially designed travel wallet?

Why You Should Use a Travel Wallet

  • Travelers need easy access to documents like passports, boarding passes, and tickets several times on each trip. The design of a travel wallet starts with a custom-sized place to put your passport. After that, the features vary, but you can always be sure that if you are looking at a genuine travel wallet, there’s a place the exact size and shape of your passport.
  • While you might not need much cash in your every day carry at home, take some with you when you travel. It’s hard to predict what cash you’ll need. But if you’ve ever been stuck on a plane, unable to buy a drink with a card, you know how important a bit of cash can be. Plus, when you travel internationally, make a point of bringing some of the local currency. The airport is the place you’ll find the worst exchange rates worldwide!
  • Most of your expenses while you travel will go on your credit cards, so you need spaces for them. Experienced travelers say it is best to keep a couple of cards in your travel wallet with your passport so you don’t need to dig into your regular wallet while you’re on the go.
  • Hotel keys are now the size and shape of credit cards, so you need to secure them the same way. If you throw a magnetized hotel key into your pocket, you’ll likely get locked out of your room.
  • You can add RFID blocking to your travel wallet to protect your data from hackers, too.

What to Look for in a Travel Wallet

To get the best travel wallet for your purposes, think through what you’ll need. Here are some suggestions.

  • Compact Design – Look for a lightweight, compact travel wallet that easily tucks into pockets, backpacks, and purses. You’ll be toting this around with you a lot, so keep it streamlined.
  • Quality Construction – There are two kinds of travelers. 1) Those who travel a lot 2)Those who don’t travel often. No matter which kind you are, you need a high-quality travel wallet. If you travel a lot, you need something rugged that won’t fall apart on you at some inconvenient time. If you don’t travel often, you need a travel wallet that will last for years. Buying a new one should not be added to the long list of things to do every time you go away.
  • Holds Credit Cards and Hotel Keys – Although you probably don’t want to carry your gym card with you overseas, you do need to take more than one credit card. Standing at a bank machine thousands of miles from home as it denies you access to your bank account is no fun. Banks flag accounts for suspicious activity, even if you call them before you leave! Always carry cards from more than one bank. Plus, you need a spot to slide your hotel room keys as you travel, so make sure you have space.
  • Holds Cash, Boarding Passes, Itineraries, and Receipts – You need quick access to more than your passport and credit cards. Make sure your travel wallet makes it easy to hand over your boarding pass at the gate.

Suitable Travel Wallets for Different Types of Travelers

Not everyone is on that plane for the same reasons. Although some destinations draw in certain types of travelers, it’s important to keep in mind the purpose of your trip. If you are heading off into the Amazon for an authentic adventure, you may need different features than business travelers. And if you’re looking for a travel wallet for a tactical enthusiast, they might want a different style, too.

  • Business Travelers – Most business travelers look for a combination of organizational features and style in a travel wallet. High-quality leather, compact design, dedicated slots, and RFID protection make for an ideal choice for business travelers.
  • Adventurers – The adventurer is more likely to look for a travel wallet that is durable, well-made, and lightweight. Popping a travel wallet into a backpack takes the wallet on the adventure, too.
  • Tactical Enthusiast – The tactical enthusiast tends to look for highly practical, rugged designs with solid organizational properties.

Travel wallets have specific designs to help you stay organized when you travel. An everyday carry wallet contains things not necessary on your trips. Plus, your EDC does not have room for special travel items like passports.

There’s nothing worse than standing at customs digging through your stuff for your passport. And while your phone is a great way to keep your boarding pass, a paper backup will get you through if the technology fails. Phones die, and if they do, your boarding pass and hotel address disappear!

The Trayvax Explorer – A Travel Wallet to Stay Organized on the Go

Trayvax is known for manufacturing high-quality wallets in the USA. So, it makes sense that the Trayvax Explorer would be at the top of the list of recommendations. This compact passport wallet is handmade of the finest, durable yet luxurious Horween Leather, with heavy-duty nylon stitching.

The dual credit card slots fit up to 12 cards, with an integrated sleeve that holds cash, receipts, and your boarding pass. Compact and lightweight, the Explorer easily tucks away into pockets, backpacks and purses.

As with all Trayvax products, the Explorer is made in the USA and carries a 65-year heirloom warranty. 

What About RFID Technology?

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology is what makes it possible to pay with a contactless credit card. You don’t insert the card into a reader or swipe it. Simply hold up the card near the reader, and the information transfers from there, much like your phone does with some apps.

Since 2007, passports have been embedded with a microchip to increase security. The chip duplicates the data on your passport.

An RFID reader can read your credit cards and passport without you taking them out of your wallet. So, many are worried about hackers or thieves with this sophisticated tech. Although the risk is very slim, it is possible to have your info and identity stolen this way.  

Many travel wallets have RFID technology built in. At Trayvax, we offer you the choice. You can add RFID protection to the Trayvax Explorer simply and easily. Just slide the Shift Wallet Comb in with your credit cards, and your cards and passport are protected.

The Shift Wallet Comb is a discrete way to provide RFID protection, with several other features that are handy when you are on the go.

  • Stainless steel wallet comb
  • Ideal for beards or hair with wide and fine teeth for easy detangling
  • Credit card sized – Lightweight and ultra-thin
  • Integrated bottle opener
  • High polish finish

In Conclusion

A good travel wallet keeps you organized while you are on the go with your passport, credit cards, and boarding pass. A great travel wallet is durable, stylish, and compact and gives you a choice about RFID protection. The Trayvax Explorer is ready to go with you on your next adventure.

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