Storyteller Smokeless Fire Pit

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The Trayvax Storyteller was developed to create a smokeless fire pit that is rugged, portable and Made in the USA. Constructed from rolled 16 gauge carbon steel, that will take on a patina and will hold up to years of backyard summer gatherings or crisp solo outings. It uses a two stage airflow design to reduce smoke and provide a consistent burn, leaving you to just kick back and enjoy.

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*Product is made from unfinished sheet metal, so may have scuffs and scratches from handling during manufacturing.


The sturdy, 16 gauge (1/16” thick) carbon steel used in the Storyteller fire pit is intended to function like that of high quality steel or cast iron cookware. Thick carbon steel is used in place of thinner stainless to provide higher durability for the same cost. With use and occasional oiling this material will also develop a dark patina giving it its own unique character.


The Trayvax Storyteller uses a two stage airflow system to reduce smoke. Large vents distribute air to the base of the fire, as well as introducing preheated air to the top of the fire, creating the secondary combustion. Our linear fire box takes advantage of this improved airflow providing a greater capacity for fuel given its size.

Storyteller Fire Pit Specifications

Overall Dimensions

27” long x 14” high X 16” wide (Includes handles)

Firebox Dimensions

20” long x 6.5 high x 10.5 wide

Max Log Length


Suggest Log Size

Standard 16” lengths, with 3-4” cross sections



Product Features

  • 16 Gauge carbon steel body
  • Large linear firebox. Fits logs up to 20”
  • Ample air intakes and diffuser grate provide consistent airflow
  • Secondary combustion design creates a smokeless burn.
  • Sturdy handles for easy transportation and tie downs
  • White Oak handles treated for high heat 
  • Elevated base reduces heat transfer to ground
  • Consistent burn, reduces ash

The Storyteller fire pit is made of carbon steel intended for a patina finish similar to a steel or cast iron cookware. Just like these pans, maintenance is simple, but important. Occasional wire brushing followed by a wipedown with mineral oil every few uses will keep your firepit lasting for decades. Always store undercover on a dry surface when not in use.


Storyteller Fire Pit