Gear & Apparel


Trayvax doesn’t just make wallets. We have all kinds of other stuff. Hoodies, carabiners, space pens and more. Buy a Ration camp stove if you’re hungry, or a water bottle if you’re thirsty. Our gear and apparel aren’t just useful, they’re fun, too!


Show your love for Trayvax with our Heavyweight Pullover Hoodie. In sizes from Small to Extra-Large, and with its extra-thick, extra-warm fleece, the whole family can stay cozy with Trayvax. They’re perfect for hiking, camping, mountain climbing, and just relaxing in the yard. These hoodies aren’t just functional, they look fantastic. The bright blue Trayvax logo on the right breast is clearly visible, and looks great on anyone. Anywhere you need a hoodie, try a Trayvax.


If you get thirsty out on the trail, our 32oz. Water Bottle will do the trick. It’s BPA-free and has a wide mouth and leakproof lid. This tough water bottle comes in three colors: Juniper Green, Charcoal Grey, and classic Clear. The Nalgene bottle is perfect for both warm or cold drinks. A hot coffee in the woods, or a nice, cold bottle of water on the beach are both handled well in this bottle. And if you need to give it a wash, simply put it on the top rack of the dishwasher. All of this comes together to make your new everyday beverage container.

Thirst and cold aren’t the only problems on the trail. If you need a hot meal, the Trayvax Ration camp stove is here to help. It’s easy to carry, and has plenty of space for all the food you need. The stove burner boils water quickly and reliably, with enough gas in the included canister to cook 18-22 meals. It makes for a good lunchbox while working, on a fishing boat, while camping, and even just in your backyard. Keep one in your car for your emergency kit, too. The Ration will keep you going in any outdoor setting.


When you’re done eating and drinking, it’s time to go back into the woods. Go prepared with the Trayvax Trek Field Knife. It’ll cut anything you need it too, with its tough but lightweight 3.5” blade. The skeletonized frame has space for your fingers, and is balanced at the index finger for an almost weightless feel. There are two different sheath options, depending on your dominant hand. Use the dominant hand for a front or vertical carry, and the non-dominant hand for a Scout carry. This knife is even a glass breaker, which is incredibly helpful in emergency situations.


Want to keep your cards safe, and your hair looking nice? Give the Shift Wallet Comb a go. It’s only the size of a credit card, but is the best solution for both style and RFID protection. This comb has two sets of teeth: a wide set for longer hair and beards, and a finer one for closer styling. When you’re done, slip it back into your wallet, where its metal design will keep your credit cards safe from RFID skimmers. Or you can use the built-in bottle opener to crack open a glass-bottle soda or beer. It’s a good multitasker. This little comb proves that big things often come in packages as small as your wallet.

What if you don’t need a comb, but still want RFID protection? That’s where the Armor Plate RFID Shield comes in. It’s a steel plate insert, with a lovely and durable melonite finish, that protects your cards from any RFID skimmers who want your data. Lock it down with this card-sized insert. It easily fits into any wallet, and like the Shift comb, it too has an integrated bottle opener. Pop open a beer, and don’t worry about any thieves. The Armor Plate will have you covered for life, with its 65-year Heirloom Warranty.


Have you filled your Summit Notebook with ideas? It’s easy to get a replacement notepad, just check this page. Buy a new Weatherproof Notepad, slip it into the Summit, and start writing anew. Just seeing those 20 blank pages will convince you to fill them. And you can fill them in almost any situation. The special Rite in the Rain pages keep your ideas safe from mud, rain, and even grease. Write on your lunch break, on the trail, or just at your desk. Keep writing, stay inspired, and show us just what’s in your brain. Maybe you’ll write a novel from your wallet notepads, or maybe it’ll just be some shopping lists to keep your belly full. Every idea, and every sheet of paper, is important. Keep them close with Trayvax.

You can also replace the Space Pen that came with the Summit Notebook, if it’s been lost or otherwise rendered unusable. It has a coated brass frame, a slip-on clip, and is beautifully engraved with Trayvax’s name and the inspiring tagline: “Earn Your Story.” This pen isn’t just elegant, it’s great at what it does. It can write in any number of directions, even upside down! Flying to a business trip? No problem! The Space Pen can write at altitudes up to 12,500 feet (3800 m)! Need to write lists in the tundra or desert? Easily done! This pen can write in temperatures from -30 to 250F. (-35 to 120C). Working in a messy area? That’s fine! This pen can write through grease and even water! And this little powerhouse lasts 3 times longer than the average pen, with its Fisher pressurized black ink cartridge. It’s the perfect pen for any situation. Get one today, and see just how powerful it can be.

When you’re out in the wilderness, not just any brand will do. That’s why we’re not just any brand. We at Trayvax guarantee quality, and you can trust that we’ll deliver. Everything is made in the USA, to the highest quality possible. If you aren’t completely satisfied with your purchase, just contact us, and we’ll do all we can to make it right.