When you’re out on the trail, you need something rugged to help keep your pants up. Trayvax’s American-made belts can do just that. With heavy-duty nylon webbing, and interchangeable buckles, our belts and buckles are just the thing you’re looking for.


Our Cinch belt is durable and useful. It has a high tensile strength, so it won’t snap at the least convenient moment. It’s also concealed carry-compatible, so you can stay protected while out and about. It’s even perfect for holding key rings and wallet clips. Nothing will fall off, and your pants will stay up nice and tight, with this strong belt. It’s infinitely adjustable, so a comfortable fit will always be possible. The buckle has two tension points, ensuring that it won’t come loose in the middle of your walk. From sizes ranging from small to extra-large, there’s bound to be a belt that fits your waist.

But this belt isn’t only functional, it’s stylish too. It comes in two colors, black and tan, with different buckles to choose from. Said buckles are interchangeable too, and can be swapped out to match your mood. If you’re feeling like a blue buckle on your tan belt, you can go for it. Green on black? No problem. Black on tan? Of course! The world is your oyster, put any buckle on either belt, just to see how it looks.


The Cinch belt is perfect for the rugged outdoorsman. It can hold the sheath of a knife, or the holster of a gun, quite easily. And it won’t tear or snap while you’re pushing your way through the woods. Try this belt on your next hunting, hiking, or camping trip. Since it’s waterproof nylon, with a non-rusting aluminum buckle, it can even be worn while fishing.

On the other hand, they’re also perfect for nicer occasions. There’s no better belt for a night on the town, and your pants will stay up with no issue. Your friends will love it, and you’ll be the center of attention. Date night is another perfect night to wear this belt. Going to dinner, a movie, even out dancing. This belt will be able to keep up, and look snazzy while doing so.

These belts even work for women, though pants sizes are a little different. A Cinch belt would give a unique look to many women’s pants, and even as a replacement in some belted dresses. A black belt and brown buckle would look striking on a light-colored dress, where a tan belt and blue buckle would stand out nicely against a pair of black pants. With the number of belts and buckles available to mix and match, there’s something out there for every woman’s fashion choice.


Want your new belt to look a bit more exciting? The Cinch Belt Buckle might be for you. It comes in a number of colors, and makes your Cinch belt stand out in a crowd. It’s strong, too, being made of aerospace grade aluminum. It’ll last a long time, no matter how much you wear it. The light grain pattern looks fashionably distressed, even when brand new.

Got a buckle, but no webbing? That’s fine too. We sell replacement webbing here. It comes in the same black and tan as the full belt, but it’s cheaper than getting the entire package. Get some black webbing when you already have a tan belt, and mix and match the buckles to your heart’s content. It’ll look like you have a lot of different belts, but only you will know the truth. Or, if you truly need more belts of the same color, you could do that too. Buy multiple belts for yourself, for someone who needs one, as a gift, or even to donate. A durable belt like this is good for just about anything.


For any vegans looking into strong, fashionable belts, you’ve come to the right place. This belt is made of nylon, with a durable aluminum buckle. No animals were harmed in the making of this belt. And with it being made in the USA, you’re creating jobs by buying one. Because the nylon and buckles are sourced, made, and shipped from America, a lot of air emissions are removed as well. With all of these things considered, you can feel good about buying a Cinch belt.


Why do we sell only one belt? That’s easy. We only sell the Cinch belt because it’s all you need. Between the many buckles and the replacement webbing, you can get any combination of belts you need, at a fraction of the cost of other, higher-end belts. Anyone who sees you won’t know it’s only the same two belts and handful of buckles, nor how inexpensive they were. It’ll be your little secret.


These belts make wonderful, inexpensive gifts. Everyone on your list will love them, and they won’t break the bank. Get the family matching belts and buckles for Christmas, and make it an unforgettable holiday. They’ll remember you every time they wear the belts, and it’ll make for a fun Chrstmas picture.

These belts are also perfect to donate to needy people. They’re strong enough to last a long time, durable enough to be an everyday belt, and nice enough to be worn as an interview belt. It could even help them get a job! A person in need would be incredibly grateful to get one of our Cinch belts as a donation.

Like our leather products, our nylon belts and aluminum buckles are backed by the same 65-year Heirloom Warranty. Buy a collection of belts, and pass them down to all your kids and grandkids. They’ll be covered throughout everyone’s lives.

Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, you’ll need a belt to keep your pants, and fashion sense, up. Indoors and outdoors, in casual or nice conditions, the Cinch belt and buckles will stay strong. Our belts are easy to use, comfortable to wear, and will keep you looking your best.