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How to Clean Trayvax Leather?

Our leather is incredibly durable, pre-stained & stretched to last several lifetimes & will hold its shape when the time comes to pass it on to the next generation.  This is what Trayvax strives for as a brand. If there is one moment in time we are chasing - it is when our customers hand down our products to their grandchildren and tell their life stories that give the product its meaning! When that moment comes we want to make sure your products will still be in great shape for the next generation of use. 

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Full-Grain Leather vs Genuine Leather. What Is The Difference?

We learned where leather comes from & how leather is made from past posts. During the production process leather is separated into different layers. The first layer is called full-grain leather, guaranteed to be the best, highest quality leather. Next would be top-grain leather, another step in processing provides for a smooth, clean & uniform leather. Both full-grain and top-grain leather are made to make the highest quality products in fashion and outdoor gear. Genuine leather is among the lowest grade of leather. 

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Setting A 2020 Resolution

Setting a resolution is accompanied with the responsibility to follow through. If we set a goal for ourselves, it is up to us to make the plan and then act upon it. Every employee at Trayvax is held to this standard. We create a metric to gauge success depending on department and then place an updated graph for the whole company to see. Tracking success, holding ourselves accountable & confirming we followed through on our goal will keep everyone at Trayvax motivated for years to come. 

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What Is In Your Wallet?

If you have used the same wallet for years it is understandable oddities sneak in there. Be warned, going through your wallet and finding things that are hard to let go of will happen. Focus on only taking the essentials with your new everyday carry wallet.

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Pursue A Story: Leaving Your Mark

At Trayvax we truly believe in creating a life worth remembering, leaving your mark on this place and earning the story you were destined for. We are all in this together, we want to encourage our customers to seek out things that push growth forward.   

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