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Earn Your Story: Passion

The TrayvaxⓇ Earn Your Story™ series continues with "Passion." Matt, an Afghanistan Veteran, dedicates his time to chasing waves. He puts in the hard work and never compromises or makes excuses. Matt challenges himself to push through uncomfortable situations in order to live his dreams. This is the story of following your passion.

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Traveling With Your Trayvax Wallet: TSA

Trayvax wallets have always been designed with adventure in mind. They take a beating, don't mind the occasional bath, and help protect against theft both physical and virtual. That being said, it's still good to know what to expect heading to the airport. We wouldn't be making a very good adventure wallet if it can't even make it on the airplane with you.

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The Ultimate Wedding: Nothing Can Hold Us Back

On Dec 30th 2016, a couple engaged to be married the following day were enjoying a pleasant motorcycle ride when an unforeseen incident took them down a path nobody plans to take. The road is a dangerous place for any motorcyclist, especially in winter. One false move or unexpected factor and a nice ride can turn into catastrophe. That is exactly what happened to Heath and his wife the day before their marriage. One moment planning their wedding then suddenly, after being rear ended by a truck, the groom and bride are being rushed to the hospital with a host of injuries. Broken femur, tibia, jaw, elbow and three ribs... and that was just the groom. As a result of the crash the...

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Ski To Sea

Ski to Sea was a blast once again! This was our second year in a row with 5 returning Trayvax team members competing in the largest multi-sport event in the world. We sent half the crew to Mt. Baker to start us off and finished in Bellingham Bay after nearly 100 miles over 7 different legs.

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