by Seamus Brown August 16, 2017 2 min read

On Dec 30th 2016, a couple engaged to be married the following day were enjoying a pleasant motorcycle ride when an unforeseen incident took them down a path nobody plans to take.

The road is a dangerous place for any motorcyclist, especially in winter. One false move or unexpected factor and a nice ride can turn into catastrophe. That is exactly what happened to Heath and his wife the day before their marriage. One moment planning their wedding then suddenly, after being rear ended by a truck, the groom and bride are being rushed to the hospital with a host of injuries. Broken femur, tibia, jaw, elbow and three ribs... and that was just the groom. As a result of the crash the couple lost some precious possessions including a wedding ring (and a Trayvax wallet of course).

The couple insisted that they be married on the scheduled date. Bruised, broken and missing a ring barely slowed them down. They held their marriage ceremony right there in the Intensive Care Unit. 

Since then they have worked ceaselessly together on the path to recovery. The doctors told Heath that it would be a year before he would walk again. The newly married couple worked hard at their physical therapy together and Heath managed to walk after just four months.

Since their recovery, the happy couple has been focusing on helping others survive ordeals similar to the one they went through. They have been gathering and refurbishing old medical equipment, such as wheelchairs, crutches and braces, to donate to help other crash victims. 

Heath allowed us to share this story because the couple wanted to help emphasize how important safety equipment and proper caution are out on the road. Be safe out there!

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