Our keychains and lanyards are American-made and guaranteed quality. They help to prevent the everyday disaster of losing one’s keys. When keys are lost, everything has to come to a complete stop, locksmiths need to be called, cars have to be abandoned, someone nefarious could use them, etc. Avert this disaster by keeping your keys on a secure yet stylish Trayvax keychain. We have many different methods of keeping your keys safe and on your person. Some are simple and secure, like the Keyton, others are multi-use, like the Talon Carabiner, and still others are extra-secure, like the Keydex. You can even take these keychains and attach them to lanyards, such as the Link or Link Stretch. Whatever you need for your keys, you’ll find it here. 


Do you want a basic yet durable keychain? Give the Keyton Clip a try. It’s made of the same strong, high quality leather and metal as our wallets, so you know it’s top-notch. The leather comes in four colors: Mississippi Mud, Tobacco Brown, Steel Grey, and Stealth Black. The metal comes in either raw or black. But whatever color you choose, the Keyton clip looks nice and does its job well. It complements an Element or Contour wallet nicely, and the loop slips right through one of our Cinch belts. The quick release carabiner will get your keys into your hand in a flash, but only when you want them there. It’s strong, secure, and, at only $19.99, it won’t break the bank. And just like our wallets, the Keyton Clip is backed by our 65-Year Heirloom Warranty. You and your family will be using it forever.


If you want something with more uses, how about the Talon Carabiner? It’s a keychain, but it’s also a pair of screwdrivers. If you need to open something up, and put batteries into it, the Phillips Head on the bottom is perfect. The strong metal won’t snap off in the screw, so you can rest assured that everything will be repaired quickly and easily. The medium sized driver on the top is helpful for larger jobs, such as a flat-head screw needing to be tightened on your boat. Your keys will be nice and safe behind its strong, secure key gate, and it clips right to a belt loop for safekeeping. It even has a built-in bottle opener! And it can even come in the fancy Desert Varnish finish, which is a natural, beautiful effect of the heat treating process. It can look like anything from a bronze gradient to multi-shade, purple edged splatters. Never go anywhere without it.


For a strong, sturdy way to keep your keys, try the Keydex. It’s easy to use, quiet, and durable. This keychain’s stainless steel and G10 plates won’t fall apart easily. It’s quick and simple to assemble with the video tutorial. Any keys you attach to it will stay put until you unscrew it again, as it’s secured safely in place by one of two screws and several washers. It can hold up to 12 keys, and you can choose which one to use with no unnecessary jingling. The Keydex comes with a pocket clip, so you can slip it into your pocket securely and take it out once you need it.


What should you clip these keychains to? The Link Lanyard is a good choice. It underwent a recent design change, and can now be made of leather instead of nylon. The classic nylon Link still exists; there are just more options now, including Mississippi Mud, Steel Grey, and Stealth Black. Either way you slice it, it can take that damage. The metal carabiner and keychain ring are tough as well. A quick release carabiner is easy to take keys off of, and add new ones to. The keychain ring can also hold one of our famously versatile wallets. With its new strength and durability, it is now backed by the 65-year Heirloom Warranty. Your keys and wallets will be safe, with this durable lanyard hanging onto them. When you’re done with it, hand it down to your kids, and then your grandkids. It’ll stay strong for life.

Another quality lanyard is the Link Stretch lanyard. It has bungee nylon inside of a durable melonite finish, stretches up to 25 inches, and has a custom stainless steel carabiner, to keep everything clipped securely in your pocket. Its detachable swivel attachment can attach to a wallet, a set of keys, or even a flashlight, then detach again with the press of a button. And yes, this stretchy lanyard is backed by the same warranty as our wallets and other keychains. It’ll stay stretchy as long as you need it to, and even beyond. Anyone in your family who needs a lanyard would be happy to have this one. Get it as a gift today!


You can use a number of our products in conjunction with one another. For instance, if you have a Contour wallet you don’t want to lose, you can simply clip a Link Lanyard onto it, and attach the other end to a Cinch belt. With Trayvax’s signature strength and toughness, that wallet would stay firmly in place, and you could feel any potential pickpockets tugging on it. If you wanted your Roam Clutch to have a little more give in the strap, you could replace said strap with a Link Stretch. Nice stretchy nylon, no choking feeling across your neck and shoulders, and best of all, that security and strength you can only get from Trayvax.

Whether you’re hiking, fishing, or just heading to work, you always need your keys to be with you. If you discover that they aren’t, it can mess everything up, or even ruin an otherwise great day. If you’d rather not have your day ruined by missing keys, Trayvax’s keychains and lanyards are here to help. Buy one today, for yourself or as a gift, and keep your keys close and safe!