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Trayvax Team Stories: Miranda

Trayvax Team Stories: Miranda

When asked what her dream vacation is, Miranda thinks for a moment, then cleverly says "A vacation that doesn't end." This is a statement that really captures the essence of who Miranda is; funny, creative, and adventurous. 

Miranda is the Junior Designer at Trayvax. Her tenure here has allowed her to significantly contribute her administrative skills to the operations side of the business. She is a creative and inventive individual, who has been a major component to the operation of Trayvax, as well as a the driving force behind the design of our brand new line of handmade purses for ladies.

Miranda's Story 

Miranda is passionate about working with fabric and sewing. "I love fabric. That's always been consistent," she explains. "I have a sewing room at home, and it's nice to just chill out and sew for myself."

When she was young, Miranda's mom owned a scrapbook store. This is where she learned about her own creative side, playing with rubber stamp, paper crafts, and eventually learning how to sew from her mom.

"I watched Project Runway because that had just come out, so that was inspiring. Just the fact that I could make cool stuff if I wanted to."


Eventually, her love for creating through sewing led her to a couple of sewing job opportunities in Everett, WA, where she was able to master the craft and learn more about how to work with different materials.

Working With Trayvax

Miranda has been a part of the Trayvax team for more than two and a half years. She originally was hired to help with various office work, taking on responsibilities like payroll management and bookkeeping. The level of diligence and organization she brought to her role helped this young company navigate the growing pains for an expanding enterprise.


While sewing and fabric work wasn't a part of her job at the time, Miranda was continually inspired by the company's creative nature, and when talk about a women's line first materialized, Miranda was ready to offer her skills to make it happen.

"Now the opportunity is here."

Designing the Women's Line

When the company decided last year to officially kick off production of a line of products for women, Miranda was appointed to lead the project. Her knowledge of fabric and sewing, as well as her comprehensive understanding of the business, made her the best candidate for this opportunity.

"We want it to look like Trayvax," she says, "but we don't want it to be the mainly metal wallet. So we're kinda playing with a softer touch." She describes a wallet with supple and malleable types of leather; minimal, but equipped with the most necessary features, like a pouch pocket for coins, a compartment for convenient storage of small accessories, and a slot for holding a spare key.

Her goal for these women's purses aesthetically was to bring a natural look and feel to this new line of products. To do this, materials she chose to craft the wallet out of was a combination of leather and wool. She says, "it kind of speaks to what we already do as far as a natural material, and so it would translate well to the women's line."

Miranda and the Pacific Northwest

When asked what her favorite part about living in the Pacific Northwest, Miranda did not hesitate to describe how much she loved the scenery. "It's beautiful to live here. We pretty much get all four seasons up here." She also notes that she actually loves the rain, and despite how cold and wet it can get up here, she says it's comforting at times.

If you're considering a trip to visit Bellingham, Miranda recommends coming in the Spring. She loves how everything blossoms and comes to live in this area when transitioning between Winter and Summer.

Miranda is an invaluable part of the team here at Trayvax; always looking forward to the next challenge, the next adventure, and maybe someday, the vacation that doesn't end.

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Barbara Bukovnik

Barbara Bukovnik

I’ve known Miranda all her life and I can say with confidence that you are very fortunate to have her on your team. She is multi talented, confident and has a natural drive to be the best she can be. You have only begun to see the tip of the iceberg of what she is capable of doing. I know she will continue to surprise everyone who sees her work with the perfection in design and detail that she’s capable of. I hope to have the honor of being one of the first to purchase her purse for my own use.
Congratulations Miranda on your advancement in this amazing company! I’m praying for the completion of your vacation that never ends as the designer you’ve always dreamed of being!

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