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Earn Your Story: Passion

Earn Your Story: Passion

The TrayvaxⓇ Earn Your Story™ series continues with "Passion." Matt, an Afghanistan Veteran, dedicates his time to chasing waves. He puts in the hard work and never compromises or makes excuses. Matt challenges himself to push through uncomfortable situations in order to live his dreams. This is the story of following your passion.

About Earn Your Story

Earn Your Story are anecdotes from real people capturing the struggle, dedication and sacrifice we’ve all endured to eventually land back on our feet and succeed. These are the stories of everyday, hard-working Americans who have had to earn the fruits of their labor.

From stories of middle-class Americans having jobs outsourced overseas to tales of tenacious, old mountain men enduring the hardships of Mother Earth. We’ve all had to struggle at one point and we want to celebrate overcoming that adversity and coming out on top.

With Earn Your Story, we plan on re-telling those very stories. The stories of hard-work, dedication, determination and sacrifice. The stories that make us a better person at the end of the day. The stories that prove nothing will hold us down. That we’ll push through discomfort and misery, knowing that good things will eventually happen.

Not everyday is magical; you have to dedicate yourself. And through hard work and dedication comes a story that you have earned. What have you been through to Earn Your Story?


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After having my Contour Trayvax wallet for several years, I finally had an opportunity to share my “Earn Your Story”.

Ever since I got my Contour, we’ve been having lots of adventures. Hiking, overnight kayaking in severe thunderstorms, winter tent camping, cave spelunking, hiking through Sedona Arizona, and through creeks. Four wheel driving through creeks in our new Jeep, as well as through snow drifts, etc.

One day, on a kayaking trip at our local Mississinewa River, we are having a relaxing moment, kinda just drifting. I figure it’s a good time for a beer. My 14yo son had my Contour, because he recently used it to open his root beer. I mention I needed it, as my choice of beer isn’t twist off. I mention “Do Not Throw It!!”, even though we were less than five feet apart, and I have a very large kayak.

He chooses to toss it to me, in typical teenage boy fashion. Because I wasn’t expecting the throw, and how low it was, it glanced off my thigh before my hand could get to it, and it skipped right into the drink.

This river is very dark brown, but it’s about 2.5-3’ deep. Immediately I jump out & start feeling around for it. It’s impossible. Too many rocks, sticks, and other debris to even tell if I feel it or not. This wallet also has a waterproof Tile Slim in it, but that’s useless when it’s under water.

After a few hour’s, we are spent. I remember I have a waterproof metal detector, and since the Contour is aluminum and steel, it should be able to guide us to it. We decide to come back tomorrow.

My oldest boy surprises us with an unplanned visit, and we decide to make a day of it. We get the metal detectors, fresh batteries, a cooler, drinks, and the girls made sandwiches.

Little did we know, that many rocks are magnetic. It made our job more difficult, but not impossible. Eventually, after quite an investment, my oldest boy saves the day, and pulls it out of the water.

Thanks to the metal construction, we were inspired to find my Contour with my metal detector. Much relive, as I was dreading the thought of going to the BMV, canceling all of my cards, setting up auto-pay on all my cards, and so on. But to mention the $200 investment I had in the wallet itself.

Thanks for the best wallet I have ever had Trayvax!

Zack Ormsby

Zack Ormsby

I’ve been a loyal Trayvax owner and customer since the beginning, buying my first wallet through group funding.

Ever since I got my Contour, and leading about the “earn your story” series, I had always wanted a story of my own. After years of proudly carrying my wallet (and purchasing more for my kids!), I finally have a story. I’d love to share it with you & your community :)

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