Over $1K Donated to Growing Veterans

Over $1K Donated to Growing Veterans

Trayvax is pleased to announce a $1010 Memorial Day donation to Growing Veterans! We could not have made this donation possible without everyone’s help. Thank you for your support of this wonderful organization.

Growing Veterans

From May 21 until May 28, Trayvax set aside $5 of every Element leather wallet sale to Growing Veterans. After 1 week of fundraising, we were able to donate $1010. Growing Veterans is a local organization in Whatcom county that aims to make an impact on veteran suicide by targeting the root cause: isolation.

Growing Veterans bridges the gap between the military veteran and the local civilian population. A day on the farm removes previously held stereotypes and shows the community that veterans are assets and allies in the sustainable agriculture movement. At the same time, veterans receive the peer support needed to end the isolation that leads to veteran suicide.

We hope this donation will allow Growing Veterans to continue their mission of empowering military veterans to grow food, community, and each other. For more information on how you can help, please visit: https://growingveterans.org/how-to-help/volunteer.html.


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