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What are Front Pocket Wallets?

There’s an old school method for carrying a wallet where the user stuffs a big hunk of junk in their back pocket and continues with the day. For many decades, this is how most men carried their wallets. Unfortunately, by the end of the day, many were left with sore backs (that is unless a pickpocket managed to snag it first).

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RFID Protection Test Results for Trayvax Wallets

Did you know that all Trayvax wallets offer RFID protection against high-tech thieves? “Why use an RFID blocking wallet,” you may ask? Because RFID skimming is a technique used by criminals to steal information that is embedded in credit cards, driver’s licenses, entrance cards and more. The P.O.S. guys stopped by to test our entire line of metal wallets for RFID resistance and to answer some of our most common questions about RFID protection.

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Safeguard Your EDC with the Armor Plate

At long last the Armor Plate has returned. After a long leave of absence and numerous customer requests, the Armor Plate is now back up on the website. Those who want to bulk up their Summits, add a bottle opener to the Axis, or increase RFID protection in your wallet, you can once again order the Armor Plate!

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