What Are The Strangest Gifts Groomsmen Have Ever Received?

What Are The Strangest Gifts Groomsmen Have Ever Received?

Have you ever found it perplexing to buy a gift for a man? Even on usual occasions like birthdays, Men’s Day, or Father's Day, it’s not easy to choose a perfect gift for a man. And when it comes to wedding gifts for men, the confusion escalates even further. Of course, some of us have thought of buying a minimalist leather wallet, which is great, but still, for most, it’s difficult to get the groomsmen the perfect gift.

Why is it so difficult to buy men a gift?

On your great day, you would without a doubt choose your best friends as your groomsmen to ensure your outlook perfectly matches the occasion. And in return, you’d want to gift them the best possible gift ever. But it’s not always easy because even you as a man, sometimes, don’t know how to thank yourself.

The simplest reason why it’s so difficult to gift a man is that they’re naturally wired to take care of their family without wanting anything for themselves. That is, they don’t know exactly what they want. If you were to ask your groomsmen what they’d prefer for as a gift, most wouldn’t have a direct answer.

What’s The Worst Gift Groomsmen Have Ever Received?

Speaking of gifting your groomsmen, you would want to avoid disappointing them at all costs. Of course, not that they won't appreciate the gift, but you would know when rarely use it after your big day. We asked some of our friends and clients what are some of the worst gifts they ever received as groomsmen. For starters, check out the following strange gifts groomsmen have received so you know what to avoid. 

Locket hanging keychain

Keychains are generally not bad and most men use them. However, this particular one was in the form of a keychain with a loosely hanging locket. The locket was divided into two, one side a watch and the other a picture space. Most guys wouldn’t use such a gift for sure as it will only add more junk to their pockets.

Most guys love simplicity and if you must get them a keychain, think of an elegant and minimalist Keychain with carabiner, like Trayvax Carabiner Keychain.

carabiner keychain

The stainless steel carabiner, combined with the top-grain oil-tanned leather makes it look stylish. No groomsman fond of keychains wouldn’t love it.

Wooden box with velvet lining

This gift was in the shape of a book, but a fake one. Sincerely speaking, no man would take a wooden box gift in the first place. What are they to use it for? Generally, men don’t like boxes. It’s not like they’ve got a pile of their favorite toys to keep in the boxes. If it’s a box, let it be something like a lock vault.

If you can't afford one, think of something so simple that they would use daily, such as a belt. You can either choose an office wear belt if they’re always in suits or a casual belt like the Trayvax Titanium Cinch Belt.

titanium cinch belt

If they love DIYs in T-shirts and jeans, this black cinch belt can be a perfect fit.

Knockoff designer bracelet

Bracelets are great accessories to complement a man’s outfit. But not a knockoff designer bracelet. As mentioned earlier, men love simplicity. Something that doesn’t draw too much attention to them. So if you’re to pick a gift for your groomsmen, avoid the likes of knockoff designer bracelets.

Instead, you might want a simple non-designer bracelet like the Warm Tones Tiger's Eye Multi-Strand Bracelet. If they’re not fond of bracelets, bangles, and such accessories, think of a tactical minimalist wallet such as Armored Summit Wallet. It’s simple, durable, has an ID window, and can carry up to 7 cards and 5 folded bills. This is a perfect groomsman’s gift that they\'ll love and you’re sure to know that when you see them with it every day.

Leather-bound flask

Unless he likes to take some alcohol with him, this would turn out to be a strange gift idea for your groomsman. First off, the liquid will eventually ruin the leather on the flask and they’ll ditch it in a few weeks if they use it at all. So anything like a flask, whether leather-bound or not, isn’t a great groomsman’s gift.

If you have to go with a leather-made gift, a genuine leather wallet would do great. At least every man carries a wallet and gifting them a classy leather and metal wallet with money clip is a great idea. If looking for such a wallet, the Trayvax Contour Wallet can never disappoint. It’s simple, minimalist, made of leather and metal with RFID protection.


To sum it up, if choosing a gift for a man, whether a groomsman, husband, father, son or an employee, always keep it simple. Also, think in the line of things he interacts with every day, otherwise, your gift can be long forgotten before you know it. 

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