5 Things To Never Carry In Your Wallet

5 Things To Never Carry In Your Wallet

It can be surprising to learn what a woman carries in her handbag.  But did you know that men also carry some of the weirdest things in their wallets too? If you feel guilty for the number of things you carry but can't seem to let go of the habit, it’s high time you ditched your traditional wallet for the best slim wallets for men.

If you carry large traditional wallets like those of our forefathers, you’ll always be tempted to carry almost anything. From old purchase receipts, vitamins, travel documents, spare keys, etc. Out of what you put in your wallet did you know that some can be a threat to your security?

Studies have shown that one of the easiest ways to grant identity thieves access to your data is by carrying your credit cards and IDs in the wallet. People have lost up to $16.8 billion out of fraud as of 2017 through identity theft.

Things To Avoid Keeping In Your Wallet

Generally, a wallet makes a man’s life more convenient. With just a single swipe of their credit cards carried in their money clip cardholder or wallet, they get to pay for just anything. But is it safe to always carry your credit cards in your wallet?

Credit and Debit Cards

Of all the things that men carry in their wallets, credit and debit cards shouldn’t be there. Most people aren’t aware of the security concerns apart from losing their wallets to pickpockets. But nowadays, identity theft is on the rise and thieves are copying card information using RFID skimming.

By just walking past you, a thief using an RFID reader can steal your data or credit card information. But are you going to live off fear of theft through RFID skimming? Not a chance! That’s why acquiring a metal RFID wallet is a great idea.

contour wallet rfid

An excellent example is the Trayvax Contour Wallet with a minimalist profile and CNC machined. It has an RFID blocking feature that keeps off RFID skimmers, and it looks great also.

Checks and bank deposit slips

We all love the sound of bills from an ATM, and that’s why you’ll find guys carrying checks in their wallets to bank them anytime they get a chance in their busy schedule. But checks and bank slips are some of the things to keep out of your wallet as they contain so much information about you. Any chance that it lands in a pickpocket’s hands, you stand to lose a lot.

You could expose your address, routing number, account number, bank name, and other information that can put you at great risk.

Social security cards and IDs

Fraudsters love the idea of landing on an unsuspecting person’s social security number. Hence carrying your card in your wallet exposes you to the risk of paying loans you know nothing about. If you lose your wallet with your ID and social security card in it, someone else could use them to get credit card accounts with your identity.

But since these are important cards that you need to have with you at all times, you may opt for a metal front pocket wallet. This will allow you to be always alert and anything cannot happen to the wallet without your knowledge. The metal aspect would make it last longer.

axis wallet men

The Axis Wallet by Trayvax is a great example of such a wallet. It has a minimalist profile and can comfortably fit in the front pocket without creating a bulge.

Gift cards

If you’re the extra generous type, you might want to avoid carrying multiple gift cards in your wallet. Carrying several gift cards, especially during the festivities could make you tote them around uncontrollably. You risk losing their value should your wallet get lost or stolen.

To counter this problem, you may consider using a gift card mobile app where you can store it in a digital wallet. Another alternative would be to get one of the best slim wallets for men, such as Trayvax Original 2.0 wallet.  This minimalist wallet has a somewhat restricted space to prevent you from carrying too many things in your wallet. That way you can avoid carrying numerous gift cards. 

Too much cash

We all love to spend money, but carrying a lot of folded bills in your wallet could attract thieves especially when paying a bill. Getting a wallet full of note bundles can attract pickpockets and thugs who were probably around the vicinity.

If you’re fond of such a habit, you might want to consider carrying a slim minimalist wallet such as the Element Wallet which can hold up to 5 bills and 10 cards. It’s aesthetically appealing also and features RFID protection to keep off identity thieves.

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Ken Robinson

Ken Robinson

I love the spirit of Trayvax and I especially love the Trayvax wallets BUT this article is beyond stupid and asinine at best. LOL You named off literally every single things that is reason foe even having a wallet in the first place! LOL

If we didn’t carry ID, Credit and or Debit cards, Cash and or Gift Cards then there’d literally be absolutely no reason to even buy Trayvax wallets! LOL

Seriously, you guys need to fire the so-called “researcher” behind this silly, stupid post. LOL

Matthew landerotti

Matthew landerotti

If I take all that stuff out, all I have left are condoms.

Love your wallet, this post trying to build content is a bit of click bait.

Robert Hunington

Robert Hunington

I have one of your contour wallets I absolutely love it it has been so much better and easier than my old-fashioned wallet



Not to be that person but wtf you supposed to carry in there your napkin

L Mortek

L Mortek

If I don’t carry any of the above in a wallet, what do I need your wallet for. Article is a sales killer.

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