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5 Body Changes You’ll Notice when Carrying a Water Bottle with You Everywhere

5 Body Changes You’ll Notice when Carrying a Water Bottle with You Everywhere

Being dehydrated can make you feel sluggish and tired, even when you’re getting plenty of sleep. It can also lead to headaches and crankiness. This is why so many people carry a water bottle with them wherever they go — and it’s why many more should.

We'll cover the most overlooked benefits of carrying a water bottle with you everywhere, as well as how to find the best bottle for your needs.

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Why Carry A Water Bottle Everywhere

You should always have a water bottle with you. If you’re feeling thirsty, then you’re already dehydrated and it’s too late. Rather, you should drink water before you feel thirsty, and carry a water bottle with you to remind you to drink more water during the day.

A Reminder to Drink Up

When the water bottle is always around you, you’ll often be reminded to drink up as opposed to when there’s nothing at all.  This can greatly help you keep your body fluid in check and avoid issues that pop up with dehydration.

Avoid Buying Disposable Water Bottles, Save a Few Bucks

If you’re committed to taking water regularly, almost every hour, then you’ll probably need up to 8 plastic water bottles a day. that can translate to a considerable amount of money if you buy the expensive bottled water.

Carrying the reusable water bottle can save you some money so all you’ll need to do is a refill rather than buying bottled water.

Improved Self-image

Water bottles paint you as a person who cares and values their wellbeing. That can also play a great role when meeting new people. Just like people perceive those who carry slim minimalist wallet as elegant and stylish, those who carry water bottles are perceived as self-caring and considerate.

The Body Changes You’ll Notice When Carrying A Water Bottle Around

Your body is made up of 60% water, but this level keeps reducing as the body loses it to sweat, urine, and defecation. Therefore, you’ll need to replenish the losses with regular drinking of water. If you make it a habit, soon you’ll notice a significant change in your body. Here are just a few changes you’ll notice and be proud of your achievements.

Frequent Sweat, Fewer Toxins

Due to the foods we eat and beverages we drink, our bodies have to deal with all sorts of toxins. Of course, the liver does the work of eliminating the toxic substances and excess salts, but some traces find their way into the blood. These are lost through sweating.

If your body has enough fluids, you’ll find yourself sweating a lot even when environmental temperatures rise a bit. And that's great for eliminating the wastes in the blood. With cleansed blood, comes great peace of mind.

Reduced Hunger and Weight Loss

Have you ever noticed that the more water you take the less dependent you become on snacks and meals? Yes, water helps a lot in keeping our energy up and reducing hunger. So you’ll eventually find yourself eating less and that’s great for weight loss.

If you desire that perfect lean body, combining frequent hydration with exercise can work some magic. And you’ll look classy in your jeans with a nylon black belt like the Trayvax Titanium Cinch Belt and a fitted t-shirt.

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Soft Supple Skin

Body fluid plays a vital role in keeping the skin hydrated and flexible. When you make a water bottle your friend, your body will be able to compensate for every drop lost. Also, it will have enough water to keep the skin balanced, supple, and soft.

That great clearer skin can be a real looks booster, and you won't need to carry lots of cash in your RFID front pocket wallet to get heads turning. 

More Focused, More Resilient

Do you often find yourself gazing at something for long or just lost in your thoughts? Frequently taking water can greatly boost your focus and make you more resilient at achieving your targets. That’s because water plays a vital role in metabolism and your body cells can transport the important minerals and glucose to the brain. This keeps your brain alert and energized hence the improved focus.

Better Bowel Movements

Our bodies need to get rid of solid wastes at least every day. With a dehydrated body, it becomes difficult to smoothly finish the last stage of digestion, forcing the body to hold up the waste for far too long.

But pairing up frequent drinking of water with fiber-rich foods can help a great deal in bowel movements and less irritability. So if, you’ve been experiencing constipation lately, drink up some more water.


Your body needs water every minute and you must ensure it gets the fluid when needed. As such, carrying a water bottle with time markers can be a great way of reminding yourself to drink up.

One such water bottle is the Nalgene 32oz Wide-Mouth Water Bottle. It looks appealing to the eye, has average volume to carry enough water to keep you hydrated, and has a wide opening for easy refill. Start your journey to a great body today by carrying your water bottle everywhere you go!

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