The Best Wallets for A Lot of Credit Cards

The Best Wallets for A Lot of Credit Cards

This one ought to be fun. Gentlemen, in this post, we are looking at six awesome Trayvax wallets that you can use for storing a lot of bank cards. Let’s keep the intro short and make the rest of this post nice and juicy.

#6. Trayvax Ascent

Starting up from the bottom, we have the Ascent front pocket wallet. If you are only going for utility and a lot of card space, then this product could be a little bit down on your list due to the limited pocket capacity. But if you want some looks instead, then this piece right here is where your search ends.

Featuring a dominating leather body, the Ascent has a sturdy and tough design, decorated with robust brass rivets and a shiny steel frame. The engravings on top as well as the minimalist stitching on the edges add to the aesthetics and make the Ascent an absolute stunner.

ascent leather wallet

That feels like a pitch, doesn’t it? We don’t want to deviate from honesty and fairness here, so it has to be mentioned that the card capacity on the Ascent is 4-7 while the back pocket can carry up to 5 bills. From this angle vs storage capacity, it is significantly inferior to other products like the Trayvax Contour or Axis tactical wallet. However, the ID window and the pull tab do offer some compensation.

#5. Armored Summit

With regards to the capacity, the Summit is more or less the same as the one discussed above. It can also hold up to 7 cards and 5 notes. Since our ranking is based on the capacity of the wallets, you can treat both the Summit and the Ascent as being on the same level.

However, with the Summit, you do get the advantage of an extra-thin design and metallic construction. It is also more affordable than the Ascent and is highly wear-resistant. But the looks and the whole leathery element are missing, and that you can get if you opt for the wallet discussed in #6.

#4. Element

Coming up at number 4, we have the Element slim minimalist wallet by Trayvax. Unlike the two before, this product right here can carry up to 10 cards as well as 5 folded bills.

element wallet men

The special feature of the Element is the integrated strap and the metal wallet clip. By undoing the strap, you can reveal the clip for holding the cash. Unlike others, e.g., the Original 2.0, the clip isn’t exposed to all and sundry. Rather, it’s hidden and secure.

There are different finishes and colors that you can choose from when buying one of these. You can go for a custom combination, and add a touch of your own.

#3. Contour

Coming up next, we have the Contour wallet. This metal/leather front pocket wallet has a staggering capacity of up to 13 cards. You would think that this much of storage space would mean some compromise on the product’s ability to carry bills but it isn’t so with the Contour. The leather strap at the back can hold up to 10 notes without breaking a sweat.

Overall, this slim little beast is an excellent choice for both; appearance aficionados and utility connoisseurs.

#2. Axis

Have you ever wanted to use a slim wallet that also gives a bi-fold experience? If yes, the Trayvax Axis is what you need. This product has a capacity of 14 cards and 1-8 folded bills. The strap at the front can be undone to open the two plates up. There is a hidden key/coin pocket on the inside that you can use for putting some small items…like a key or a coin.

#1. Original 2.0

And topping this list up, we have the Original 2.0.

This product comes with an integrated money clip at the back, and adjustable front and back plates. The size can be increased or decreased depending on the size of the card stack. There are different colors that you can choose from which include green, blue, black, and grey. There is also a G10 variant that comes with a price tag of $44.99 (which is $10 more than the others).

original 2.0 wallet men

The construction of the Original 2.0 is done using stainless steel and aircraft-grade aluminum. Not only is this thing affordable, aesthetic, and spacious, but it is also capable of taking some hits and rough usage.


So, there you go, folks. Those were six of the most awesome wallets that you can buy for storing a lot of cards. Go ahead and visit our product listing page to get some details on each one.

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