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How Do Guys Carry All Their Stuff When They Go Out?

How Do Guys Carry All Their Stuff When They Go Out?

It's no secret that guys are always carrying around a ton of stuff when they go out. Their best minimalist wallet, keys, phone, and maybe even a notebook or pen — all just in case something comes up.

If you've ever been out in the city, you'll know that a man can carry his whole life in his pockets. However, over time your pockets can get a little stuffed. And there's nothing worse than having to fumble through all your stuff to find that one thing you need at that very moment.

7 Ways to Carry Your Things When Going Out

If you're used to stuffing your wallet with everything, check out these innovative ways to carry all you need when heading out.


Front pockets rank top when it comes to carrying things. Most guys use their front pockets for carrying virtually everything, from their phones, wallets, to coins, handkerchiefs, and flash drives. With a man's front pocket anything goes.

As for back pockets, not so many people like to use them as they make it easier for pickpockets to steal without notice. Besides, it can ruin the carried items such as wallets when a guy sits. Besides, the uneven level created by items in the back pocket is uncomfortable when seated.

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The obvious that most guys are familiar with is a wallet. But we're not referring to the old fat wallets. These types can carry lots of stuff, like spare keys, old receipts, folded bills, etc. but they end up ruining the appeal of your slim-fitting outfit.  

Slim wallets for men, on the other hand, let you carry only the essentials like your credit and debit cards, folded bills, and ID. And if you go for the Trayvax Axis Wallet, you'll love its stainless-steel metallic frame that also features a money clip. It can house up to 14 cards, 8 folded bills, and coins. Plus, its RFID blocking feature will keep identity thieves at bay.

Keychain with carabiner

Every man has to carry keys, whether keys to the garage, home entrance, toolbox, car, among others. While some people like to bundle all their keys in one bunch, a carabiner clip keychain makes it easier to carry the most commonly used keys and find one when you need it.

With a robust carabiner keychain, you can carry and secure your keys with style. For instance, the elegant Trayvax Keyton Clip comes with a genuine leather carry loop that adds a sense of class to the keychain.

If you like to carry a flash drive around, you can also use a carabiner keychain to hold it alongside your keys.


You're probably familiar with using lanyards for your ID badge. But did you know that you can use a lanyard to carry other things other than IDs? Forget the types that are worn around the neck, which most guys nowadays are trying to ditch. There's a new range of trendier lanyards by Trayvax, known as the Link Lanyard.

This EDC lanyard is highly durable, elegant, and robust. It can carry IDs, keys, flash drives, to anything else with an attachment point that you like carrying around. If you have a slim wallet for men with an attachment point such as the Trayvax Element Wallet, you can conveniently secure it to a lanyard to prevent pickpockets from stealing it.

One such lanyard that can do the job perfectly is the Link Stretch Lanyard, which has a longer elastic link that extends to 25 inches on full stretch. Since it's the link is more robust, made of heavy-duty nylon, you can use this lanyard to carry tools and gears on your outdoor adventure.


Most guys who work at an office and tend to carry lots of documents with them will find a briefcase a worthy companion to have around. But not everyone will welcome the idea of carrying a briefcase simply because they view it as an old fashion.

There are more elegant briefcase designs nowadays so you don\'t have to worry about the traditional briefcases like our forefathers'. Envision yourself carrying a slim modern briefcase in a slim-fitting suit with pants fastened with a black cinch belt. The appeal is magical.

Gym bag

Even if you're not a frequent visitor of the gym, it's obvious that a gym bag is a necessity when going for a workout. You'd require a gym bag to hold your possessions such as sneakers, deodorants, fresheners, reusable water bottles, headphones, etc.

When going to the gym, you're not going to leave your phone and wallet behind. That's why it's crucial to find a multi-pocket gym bag such as the Under Armour Gym Bag to carry all your valuables.


Every man has carried a backpack before. Depending on what you use backpacks for, you can choose one that best fits your profile. If you want something for your business-casual lifestyle, a smart backpack is ideal.

Backpacks also perform excellently as a commuter bag as most come with extra compartments to carry a reusable water bottle, document wallet, laptop, or hood for those chilly evenings after work.

Final Thoughts

There are certainly many ways guys carry all their stuff while going out. It all boils down to what works conveniently for your while meeting your style preference. Some guys even take a notch higher by carrying tote bags. 

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