How Can Lanyards and Badge Holders Foster Organizational Growth?

How Can Lanyards and Badge Holders Foster Organizational Growth?

It’s easy to overlook the small things that can make a big difference in your business. One of those small, but not insignificant things is the humble lanyard. Although the lanyard may not seem like an important accessory, it is a very versatile tool that can help foster organizational growth.

In addition to helping you stay organized, it can also help your brand stand out from the crowd. So why should you consider using lanyards in your company? We’ll find out plus learn more about lanyards and their role in this post.

What’s a Lanyard?

You’ve seen them worn around the neck at a bank, department store, or a TSA checkpoint by the attendants to hold an ID or a badge. A lanyard is a long leash or strap worn around the neck or wrapped around the arm for carrying items, identification cards, keys, and other accessories.

They often have a metal clip, like a clip keychain, to hold the required items like the ID or badge holder. Lanyards can be made of nylon, satin, silk, or polyester. Their most common use is for holding identification cards by staff in an office. They offer the most convenient way of displaying access badges, employee IDs, and more.

Although some people also use lanyards for their keys, a keychain with carabiner, such as the Trayvax Keyton clip is the most ideal as it keeps the key bunch together without swinging too much to create distractions. Otherwise, a lanyard can also hold keys if it’s just one or two keys attached together.

How Effective Are Lanyards At Promoting Brand Image?

In every business, brand image matters a lot. Just like you’d go for a slim minimalist wallet to boost your outlook, the same way, companies should do the little things that enhance trust and credibility. Lanyards do not only bring convenience to your staff but also boost company image by making a great first impression.

Most importantly, you can customize your lanyards with your company theme colors, logos, and designs to differentiate visitors from staff.

link stretch lanyard

ID Accessories That Match With Lanyards

In every aspect of improving looks, matching the different aspects of your outfits, such as a slim money clip wallet with a formal suit, matters. When it comes to using lanyards to improve organizational image, you need to make sure you’ve chosen the right ID accessories to accompany them. These are the various types of accessories to choose from.

Badge holders

Most people often use badge holders to show their IDs and badges by attaching them to their clothing through clips. However, using them with lanyards is the most convenient as they bring more flexibility with no risks of damaging your clothing.

Badge holders consist of durable, flexible vinyl to secure the badges and IDs while protecting them from abrasion. The vinyl is a clear see-through material that allows the card to be seen with ease.

Strap clips

These offer an easier way to attach badges directly to clothing and other carried items. They’re also a friendlier way for visitors and staff to display identification while within the company’s premises. Alternatively, the clip can be attached to a lanyard to avoid clipping on clothing to achieve a smooth free swing.

Badge reels

Generally, most people who use badge reels attach them to clothing, such as on belt loops. But in situations where the ID is also a pass card to a secure electronic door, it can get tiresome to release it from the loop to swipe it for access.

That’s why it’s more convenient to attach the badge reels to a lanyard worn around the neck. Alternatively, you can go for a lanyard with a stretchy link if you prefer those with clips. This provides easy flexibility allowing you to swipe instantly without detaching it from the lanyard clip. The Trayvax Link Stretch Lanyard is clip-on but with an elastic link that stretches up to 25 inches.

Choosing an ID Holder and A Lanyard

Choosing the perfect ID cardholder mostly depends on how the cards are used daily. Consider whether the ID is also a key card to a secure door. Also, will you need to detach the ID from the holder more frequently? Do you need a lanyard for a one-time event?

If the ID is also the key card to a secure door, it needs not to be held by a badge holder clipped to your clothing because frequent detaching can be tiring. Also, it can make the badge holder wear out much faster. Instead, a lanyard is the most ideal.

For a one-time event, you can either go with a clip-on badge holder or a lanyard. If the event staff are your employees, a lanyard is most ideal while the guests can have a badge holder clipped to their clothing. The Trayvax Link Lanyard is an example of a lanyard that can be clipped to the clothing for easy maneuvers.

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