Best Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him That Aren’t Too Cliché

Best Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him That Aren’t Too Cliché

Valentine’s Gifts are repetitive, to say the least. Every year, you get him a gift that’s a variation of the gift you got the previous year. But don’t you think it’s about time you got him something he genuinely wants? By now, he probably has way too many socks in his drawer or too many pairs of pants in his wardrobe. If he’s your special someone, surely he deserves something special, doesn’t he?

This Valentine’s Day, it’s time to find the perfect gift for the favorite man in your life. From bi-fold wallets for men to gift vouchers, below you will find a few of our top picks for Valentine’s Day gifts that won’t break the bank (and won’t break his heart):

#1 Engraved Wallet

When was the last time he bought a wallet for himself? If his bi-fold wallet for men is bulky, think about giving him a brand-new wallet for Valentine’s Day. But not any wallet – an engraved wallet with your initials on it. That way, every time he looks at his wallet, he’ll think of you and remember how thoughtful it was of you to give him an engraved wallet. Look for brands that make premium front pocket wallets to make sure that the product lasts as long as possible. If things work out between you two, you could even pass the wallet down to your kids!

contour mens wallet

An excellent choice is the Trayvax Contour, which comes in four finishes and colors, so you can choose the one that perfectly suits his tastes. For $7.99, you can even engrave it with whatever you want!

#2 Sweatpants

If he’s been wanting to spend time at home, spoil him with a brand-new pair of sweatpants. This Valentine’s Gift is ideal for days when he doesn’t want to do anything but lounge around in his, well, loungewear. Be sure to pair the sweatpants with a weighted pullover so that he can be as comfortable as possible.

#3 Water Bottle

Does he live in the gym? The perfect Valentine’s Day gift for him would be a wide-mouth water bottle. It’s your way of showing that you support his goals and that you’re fine with the fact that fitness is his life. Best of all, a wide-mouth water bottle is affordable, so you won’t have to worry about your bi-fold wallet for men ending up empty.

#4 Wallet Comb

Look, we know that he looks sleek when he runs fingers through his hair, but sometimes, he needs an actual comb to maintain his appearance. The problem is that men don’t bring bags that often, so it’d be impossible for them to bring a comb. Fortunately, you can give him a wallet comb for Valentine’s Day. A wallet comb is an extremely slim comb that can comfortably fit inside a bi-fold wallet for men. It may be as thin as a credit card, but it’s made of a durable material like stainless steel so it doesn’t bend or break.

wallet comb

#5 Wallet Strap

If you’ve decided to go for our first gift idea (the engraved wallet), don’t forget to give him a wallet strap, too. Although the Trayvax Contour’s strap is hard-wearing, it will show signs of wear and tear – which is great if you’re going for the “raw” aesthetic! However, if your boyfriend wants to keep it looking brand-new, you might want to throw in a wallet strap in there, as well. You can even give him several wallet straps so he can swap ‘em around so that his wallet always matches his outfit!

#6 Gift Card

We know – it’ll make you look like you got it at the last minute, but at the same time, it’s a way to be absolutely sure that he gets something he genuinely likes. With a Trayvax gift card, your boyfriend is free to buy whatever he wants, whether it’s a tactical wallet like the Trayvax Contour, clip-on keychain, RFID-blocking wallet, or all of the above! Even though gift cards don’t feel as thoughtful, they’re better than buying a gift that your boyfriend will never use (or that they’ll probably re-gift).


Finding the perfect gift for your favorite man doesn’t have to be impossible. You simply need to know where to look. If you’d like to keep window-shopping for Valentine’s Day gifts, check out Trayvax’s wide variety of wallets, accessories, and more. All of our products are made from the finest materials to ensure that your loved ones receive the premium products they deserve this Valentine’s Day.

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