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Best Credit Card Holders Ideal for Men

Best Credit Card Holders Ideal for Men

Back when bank cards were not so commonly used, it made a lot more sense to use a traditional pocketbook or bi fold wallet for men. Since people had to carry cash, all those slots and spaces came in handy.

Nowadays, using cards has become more common. The card payment setup can be found in small stores, gas stations, supermarkets, and all types of places where people have to make transactions.

While some people may still feel more comfortable carrying bills and banknotes instead of completely relying on a bank card, there can be others who want to completely digitalize their lifestyle and rid their hands of cash entirely (except for a few backup bills). It is usually the latter category for whom cardholders are recommended.

Here are some of the best card holders for men that you can try in 2022.

Trayvax Element

Looks, durability, utility, affordability, and storability; the Element checks all the boxes. This product is one of ours, and it's an excellent choice for people who want to bring some leathery elegance to their lifestyle. The top-grain leather used for the manufacturing is not only smooth and aesthetic, but it also gets better as it ages because genuine leather (top-grain and full-grain) develops a patina over time.

You can store 3-10 cards in the main pocket of the Element, and you can use the metal wallet with money clip at the back for some backup bills. The latter is accessed by opening up the strap fastened at the front. This mechanism helps in keeping the cash secure. You can choose from two different colors for the metallic part as well as four different shades for the leather portion.

And to top it all up, the Element comes with RFID protection.

Original 2.0

If you are looking for something a little more inexpensive, try the Original 2.0. This front pocket wallet is, in our opinion, the undisputed champ of our tactical wallet category. The range of available colors, sleek and aesthetic form-factor paired with the 15-card capacity make the Original 2.0 an excellent choice for people with a low budget.

original 2.0 wallet men

Just like the Element, there is a money clip at the back where you can store 1-5 folded bills. The main space for the cards can be widened and tightened by adjusting the mil-spec paracord at the edges. The front plate is made using aircraft-grade aluminum while the one at the back is stainless steel. The metallic construction makes this slim minimalist wallet tough and durable.

You can get your hands on all of this awesomeness for just $34.99. For the G10 variant, you will have to cough up 10 more bucks.

And yes, this one also comes with RFID protection.


The Contour wallet is one of our more expensive products. The price tag starts at $139.99 and goes all the way up to $199.99 (for the titanium variant).

With the Contour wallet, the first thing you will notice is the baring design. The front part is pretty much see-through, and this can be helpful if you want to show an ID quickly or if you want to go through your card stack to select a particular one.

Like the Element, the Contour is also made using genuine top-grain leather. The frame is CNC-machined and has a PVD coating for added durability. You can choose between stainless steel, brass, and titanium when making your purchase. There is a difference in the price for each one, so make a choice according to your budget.

contour minimalist wallet slim men

There is a max capacity for 13 cards as well as 10 folded bills. Unlike the last two products we saw in this post, the Contour doesn’t come with a money clip. The cash is stored in the strap at the back; which is quite a convenient alternative to integrated clips.

Kryptek Armored Summit

Let’s wrap things up with something affordable. The Kryptek Armored Summit is our lowest-priced product, starting at $29.99. It has a steel construction, topped with a melonite finish. The main pocket can hold up to 7 cards while the money clip at the back can carry up to 5 bills. The product is thin and durable and is ideal for people who are looking to go compact and minimalist.


If you are looking for a slim cardholder, take a look at any of the four products we listed in this post. Although categorized as ‘wallets’, these products are made to serve the needs of customers who want to carry around a lot of cards with them at all times. 

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