How Many Credit Cards Should You Carry In Your Wallet?

How Many Credit Cards Should You Carry In Your Wallet?

From gold and silver to paper and plastic, the methods of payment have changed vastly over the course of time. Now, bank cards and mobile wallets are becoming the norm. Digitalization has taken the world by storm, and technology has subtly snuck inside our daily activities and everyday endeavors without us realizing how much dependent on it we've become.

So, no matter how you manage your finances, chances are things have changed recently. And things are still evolving. Let's make sure you can keep up with the financial trends. 

How many bank cards should you carry in your wallet?

Understanding the possible dangers…

There’s no doubt that bank cards make things a lot easier. They are a hassle-free and quick way to complete transactions, and they are a lot easier to carry than a wad of bills. However, the dimension of potential danger and precautions should also be taken into account.

For example, all the information that is required for an online purchase is written on the card itself. The system of OTP (one-time-password) has been introduced by most stores and online vendors, but there is still a chance that your stolen card could be used for purchases without you being aware of it.

One could argue that a card can be deactivated from the banking app or by simply calling the bank itself but then again, what surety does anyone have that they will be instantly apprised of the theft?

The above example, and other similar cases and scenarios, help us realize that while carrying a card or two can be helpful, one should not be totally reliant on them. Cash and bills are far safer. If you think about it, when you are carrying a card, you are essentially carrying your entire bank balance with you at all times…which is a bit scary.

The Answer…

So, the answer to the question is that you should only keep 1-2 bank cards in your wallet at a time. They should primarily be kept for emergencies, or for situations where your on-hand cash is insufficient for the purchase. You should take two since there is the chance that one of them gets problematic. Having a backup can be helpful should that happen.

If your main motivation behind increasing the number of cards and reducing the amount of cash is to go slim and minimalistic, then understand well that you can do the same thing without carrying around a whole card stack. All you need to do is get a slim minimalist wallet, like the Trayvax Contour or Original 2.0. Most Trayvax slim wallets come with a money clip or a dedicated cash space.

contour wallet slim men

With a front pocket wallet, you will be able to start carrying just a few bills and a card or two without loading your pockets with unnecessary receipts, slips, and loose change.

Some wallets that you can try for going minimalistic…

Here are some products from Trayvax that you can buy and start carrying less in your pockets:

Original 2.0

This tactical wallet is a great choice for people who are looking to get an affordable cardholder. The price tag of $34.99 (and $44.99 for the G10) is fairly inexpensive and is a reasonable amount to pay for something that comes with this many features.

You can store up to 15 cards in the Original 2.0. Apart from the main compartment, there is a metal wallet clip at the back that you can use to put 1-5 folded bills. The front plate is made using aircraft-grade aluminum and the back is made of stainless steel. This tough little metallic combination gives the Original its durability and sturdiness and makes it a hardy product for everyday use.


Whereas the Original 2.0 is a bit on the affordable side, the Contour is right at the other extreme. It starts at $139.99 for the simple metallic frame and goes up to $199.99 for the titanium variant.

The Contour can hold a 13-card stack in the main pocket along with 10 bills in the leather strap. The CNC-machine plate combined with the genuine top-grain leather makes this wallet tough and durable. You can choose between different colors for the leather strap to give the wallet a custom touch of your own.


Using a card for purchases is well and good, but it isn't something that one should become too reliant on. It's better to use cash and to stick to physical currency rather than going virtual and digital.

You should carry one or two cards with you at a time. Anything more than that can be too much, and it can be dangerous when considering the chances of theft and larceny.

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