What Are Some 'Out of The Box' Gift Ideas?

What Are Some 'Out of The Box' Gift Ideas?

Are you trying to add a twist of a surprise to your next gift? Giving something new and 'out of the box' can feel very meaningful, even if the item itself is not worth much. Going a little different with the present shows you've put some thought into it, and not just randomly picked something off the shelf.

Here are some quirky and special gift ideas that you can try in 2022:

Power Banks

Yep, this one will be a surprise…and a pleasant one at that. In today’s world, everyone uses a phone. Almost everyone.

Talking, working, reading, researching and a range of other useful things can be done on phones nowadays. They aren’t just for fun and games.

That's why it's a good idea to gift someone a power bank. Power banks are essentially packs of backup juice that people can carry around with them. Should the battery level come down when you’re outside, you can simply reach in your bag or pocket and take out your power bank to start charging the device.

There are different sizes that you can choose from when buying a power bank. If you know someone who travels a lot, you can give them something compact so that they can carry it around in their smaller carriers e.g., a wallet with a zipper or crossbody bag.

Wireless Earphones

And yet another electronic device. By ‘earphones’, we don’t mean the traditional wired ones. We mean something like this:

Airpods, Earbuds, Music, Sound, Audio, Wireless, Apple

In the start, this design was only seen in expensive products like the Apple Airpods or the Galaxy Buds. But now, there are many different companies making cheaper alternatives for customers with a lower budget.

These types of earphones can be really handy. Since they come housed in a case, there is little chance of them getting lost, and they also stay protected. You don’t have to worry about wire tangles as well.

And they look good too. They can also work over distances and not require the user to stay within a couple of feet of their device.

In today’s digital age, anyone would love to have one of these.

Slim Wallets

While giving a bi fold wallet for men as a present is one of the most common ideas, giving a front pocket wallet isn’t that popular. Bi folds and traditional billfolds are great, and they make awesome gifts. They’re timeless and they are more than often needed and appreciated by the recipient.

However, the use of bills is being slowly replaced by the use of cards. If someone happens to have a load of cards to carry (say, 10 or 12), then they won’t find a bi fold wallet very helpful since there are a limited number of slots and spaces that they can use.

A slim minimalist wallet, on the other hand, can be excellent for such purposes. Apart from providing ample space for storing cards, these slimmer products are also easier to carry and harder to steal. They aren’t as cumbersome as their larger counterparts, and they can be a great way for you to start carrying less in your pockets.

contour wallet minimalist slim men

If you want to buy one of these as a gift, head over to our products page and check out the Trayvax Contour or Original 2.0. These two are among the best articles we offer and for good reason.

A Handwritten Note

A good gift is one that hits the heart. You could go on buying something stupidly expensive but if it isn’t meaningful, it’s not going to be received well.

On the other hand, if you just make a handwritten note, with a piece of paper and a sharpie, and give it to the other person at the right place and the right time, it can hit home. If you put the right effort into it, this sort of thing can become more evocative than pricy and expensive presents.

And one thing’s for sure; few people are going to expect such a stunt. Since it’s unusual, it gets in our list of ‘out of the box’ gift ideas.


So, there you go. These were some unusual and 'out of the box' gifting ideas that you can try out. Getting something different and tailored to the taste and preference of the other person can be more expressive than just sending a generic gift box from some gas station store wrapped clumsily in brown paper.

Above, we looked at four items that you can make a gift of to a loved one. But the options are numerous. Just take care to put some thought and effort into it.

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