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Traveling With Your Trayvax Wallet: TSA

soldier jumping from plane tsa

Trayvax wallets have always been designed with adventure in mind. They take a beating, don't mind the occasional bath, and help protect against theft both physical and virtual. That being said, it's still good to know what to expect heading to the airport. We wouldn't be making a very good adventure wallet if it can't even make it on the airplane with you.

soldier jumping out of plane trayvax tsa

Worry not, all of our wallets have been designed and built with TSA guidelines in mind. Due to the unique look and aspects of Trayvax wallets, occasionally an agent will want to get a closer look at your wallet. They probably just want to admire it for a moment, ask where you got it, and make sure that none of those edges are sharp. Being informative and polite should help get you on your way to the departure gate. 


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Thomas SACHS

Thomas SACHS

I recently went to Brazil and the TSA agent made me dispose of my wallet. I had already checked my.bags and I wasn’t allowed to put it in my carry on.

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