by Gerald Craft September 21, 2017 2 min read

When Charlie Moyer was medically discharged from injuries sustained while serving, he vowed to “grow a Spartan of a beard.” As Charlie set off onto his journey towards manliness, he found himself in a specialty beard store to deal with the itchiness, rough texture, and unique smells that come from growing a facial forest.

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Charlie left that store with a small $25 bottle filled with turpentine and a host of other foul ingredients. That’s right, the same stuff used in paint thinner was the norm for beard care back then. Charlie was not OK with that and decided that he would set a new norm. He threw that bottle in the trash and began making his own oils and balms. Solutions that didn’t burn his face with heavy solvents.

The New Standard

Today, Charlie runs Badass Beard Care, a specialty retailer of all natural and organic beard oils and balms. Of course Charlie could have used inexpensive solvents, but he wanted to set a new normal. He saw no reason why he couldn’t offer the best premium oils and butters to deal with the itchy face, ingrown hairs and beardruff that come with growing facial hair. Charlie began offeringfree beard care samples to anyone who wanted to try something new. Soon Badass Beard Care became a household name for bearded men.

Charlie has set a new standard. And that’s the epitome of American entrepreneurship. You address a common need, come up with an innovative solution, and provide the customer with a great experience. Just because it’s been done a certain way, doesn’t mean it’s the right way. It’s entrepreneurs like Charlie that are setting a new standard of excellence for American manufacturers.

And that’s why Trayvax applauds Charlie Moyer and Badass Beard Care. Just like us, you decided to challenge the norm and offer something truly unique. Something better than what the competition was offering. Something that actually addressed the needs of the consumer. All the while using quality ingredients and keeping manufacturing in the USA. Hats off to Badass Beard Care!


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