by Kevin Kohn January 29, 2016 2 min read 5 Comments

For a quick rundown on what RFID is click here. To learn more about the protective qualities of Trayvax wallets, click here.

Unfortunately, credit card theft has become a common danger in our technologically advanced society. There are multiple ways thieves attempt to capture your information including mail theft, skimming, and RFID scanning. One of the more common methods is skimming where a thief places their skimming device on a credit card reader, like an ATM. Once you slide your card to complete a transaction, the thief will attain your credit card information.

Another, less common danger is RFID scanning. RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification, which is embedded in credit cards and enhanced IDs through the card’s built in antenna. The antenna allows data to be wirelessly transferred (or read) via electromagnetic fields. RFID theft requires a powerful portable scanner that attempts to read your cards while they’re still in your pocket. The scanner, possibly in a stranger’s backpack on the street or in a local coffee shop, uses radio waves to capture information. The scanner does not have to come in direct contact with your card to capture your information. Fortunately, all the credit card info is encrypted, so only highly skilled thieves with access to a government database can translate the numeric sequence into useful data. Though rare, it is smart to protect yourself from this form of identity theft.

Our Trayvax wallets are designed to provide RFID resistance by interrupting access to the built in antennae in your credit cards. Usually a radio wave will go through an ordinary wallet, hit the credit card, and bounce the encrypted information back to the thief. Our wallets’ metal plates are able to disperse the radio waves of a scanner making them ineffective.

Recent testing showed that the Trayvax Original, Element, Summit and Axis are 80 to 95% RFID resistant. The placement of your credit cards and intelligent IDs can increase the resistance to 90-95%.  Simply putting your RFID cards against or closer to the backplate of our wallets will increase resistance to 90-95%. A similar result comes from placing two RFID cards together which causes signal noise. The accumulated signal from multiple cards create a scrambled transmission that overloads the scanner making the information impossible to read. Our tests showed the simple step of how you organize the cards in our wallets,can increase the RFID resistance to 99%.

Even though RFID theft is rare, it is a serious threat. Here at Trayvax, we want to share information to help you better protect yourself. We hope this information will bring you peace of mind. Please contact our customer service team with any questions.

Kevin Kohn

Trayvax Customer Service Guru

5 Responses


September 21, 2020

Very interesting to read you
Good luck to you


September 21, 2020

Thank you very much for the information provided
I’m very impressed


August 28, 2020

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June 08, 2020

Confused because my employee badge scans just fine everytime I have to go through the turnstile.

Mark Strickland
Mark Strickland

May 18, 2016

I have a question does the RFID element have to be covered by a metal section of your wallet entirely to provide protection?

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