The Impact of Sitting on Your Wallet

Armored summit wallet half way in pocket and connected to the keyton bottle opener keychain

They say that old habits die hard. A cup of coffee in the morning to get your day started; the ritual search for your keys, phone, and wallet before making your morning commute to work; your keys stay in your hand to lock the front door, your phone goes in your left pocket and your wallet in your right back pocket. While you’re driving to work, you begin to notice a dull ache radiating from your low back. While you wish you could attribute it to hitting the gym too hard the day before, you know that it’s been a few days - maybe even weeks - since the last time you went. No, it’s not that. It’s gotta be something else, but you’re not sure what.

Recently, we discovered that repeatedly sitting on your wallet can cause low back injury. To get some more details, we contacted Dr. Mike Motel with Ascend Chiropractic, and asked him a couple of questions.

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What happens when you repeatedly sit on your wallet?

Depending on how thick your wallet is, it could cause your pelvis to shift. If you think of your pelvis like the foundation of a house and that foundation is uneven, then the rest of your body becomes uneven. Your body will begin to compensate for the misalignment in different places.

What sort of symptoms might a person experience with misalignment?

You could experience any sort of lumbar [low back] nerve interference: numbness, pain, tingling in your legs, muscle weakness. Just overall irritation of the low back and pelvis.

What can you do to correct these symptoms?

Dr. Mike laughed and answered simply: Go see a chiropractor.

What can you do to correct these symptoms at home?

You can do low back stretches, stay active and avoid sitting a lot. And stop sitting on the wallet.

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I can fully attest to this fact that you shouldn’t sit on your wallet. For years I’ve carried a bulky wallet in my right back pocket and experienced extremely bad back pain and discomfort. After purchasing the Trayvax Axis and carrying it in my front pocket, I had noticed my back pain completely went away in about a week. I love my axis and will never carry any other brand of wallet ever again.

Steve Brooks

Steve Brooks

I carry my Travax’s (both Axis and Element) in my front pocket. I hook it on a key chain from my belt. The wallet suspends in the middle of the pocket on almost all of my trousers. That way I’m not sitting on the wallet and it doesn’t add weight to the bottom of my front pockets either. It’s a great way to carry either of my Travax wallets.

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