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Could a Pen Be a Groomsman Gift?

Could a Pen Be a Groomsman Gift?

In a word, yes! Some people may think that a pen is a bit of a boring gift, but it can be fantastic. And one of the best pens for your groomsmen is a Trayvax Bullet Space Pen. Find out why by reading on.

Works Anywhere

The Bullet Space Pen is a rugged little pen. It can be used in all sorts of conditions. Are you making lists in a greasy kitchen? This pen will cut through the grease. Maybe you’re working on a muddy construction site in the rain. That’s easily handled too! Even when you’re flying to a fun vacation (or fancy destination wedding), this pen will be there! It functions at altitudes up to 12,500 feet. Whether you’re in the cold of Alaska or the heat of Australia, the ink in this pen will flow beautifully. Give this pen to your groomsmen, and it’ll be useful wherever they go.

Looks Fantastic

A good groomsman gift tends to be both functional and good-looking. And the Bullet Space Pen is about as good-looking as a pen can get. Its coated brass exterior comes engraved with our logo, and the inspiring tagline: “Earn your Story.” It can stand with even the fanciest of fountain pens and still look nice, and with its slip-on clip, it stays in place wherever you put it. Your groomsmen will all look smart with these pens in their suit pockets.

Small Enough to Fit

The reviews say it all. This pen can fit into a pocket, a bag, or even a men’s notebook wallet. And we have the perfect wallet for it. It’s called the Summit Notebook Wallet. This wallet and pen were made for each other. And they’re great fun when you’re waiting for something. Your groomsmen could play miniature hangman while they wait for the food service to begin, or compare notes for speeches. If they need to write down to-do lists for the wedding prep, that’s easily doable too. And to go along with the pen’s ability to write anywhere, the special Rite in the Rain notebook is waterproof and grease-resistant. The two of them go together perfectly.

A Traditional Gift

A nicely engraved pen has been a classic groomsmen’s gift for decades. And seeing the usefulness of a pen, it’s not hard to see why. A pen may not last quite as long as a metal men’s wallet, but it’s just as useful. How many times have you needed to sign something and had to use a random pen you found? And then it turns out to be out of ink? With the small, portable Bullet Space Pen, that’s not an issue. Your father might have given his groomsmen pens too, so keep the tradition going.

bullet space pen

Useful and Affordable

If you’re looking for a groomsman gift that won’t break the bank, a Bullet Space Pen is probably the best option you can get. At less than $50 each, they’re affordable as well as useful. Buy these little pens, and keep the leftover money for the wedding and honeymoon. They’re bound to make your groomsmen smile, and your wallet happy. And they’re more personal than your average $1 Bic pen. A Trayvax pen will be the kind of gift your groomsmen will appreciate for a long time.

Good for Work and Play

Whatever your groomsmen will need a pen for, this pen is the perfect one. It can be used in the office, to fill out and sign paperwork with a quick flourish. On the town, it’s great for signing checks at restaurants and exchanging numbers with new friends. At home, it can be used for writing checks, doing taxes, or writing down recipes. But it can also be used to write poetry, draw fantastical creatures, or write the first draft of a novel. Your groomsmen can do it all with this little pen!

In Conclusion

When you need a traditional groomsmen gift, the Trayvax Bullet Space Pen is the perfect one. The ink can write through water and grease, hot and cold, and even at high altitudes. It’s a snazzy-looking pen, and pairs well with a Summit Notebook Wallet. At less than $50, it makes for an affordable gift. It’s a pen that’s equally good for boring stuff like taxes, and fun stuff like art. No matter what your groomsmen use it for, it’s a great gift. For all your groomsmen gift needs, give a Trayvax a try. Everyone will love our special gifts.

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