What Should Be Your EDC? What Is It Really?

What Should Be Your EDC? What Is It Really?

Expectations and reality are often different. For instance, when you see the big, juicy burger on the restaurant’s menu, but the one you get is squished and doesn’t have enough sauce.  It’s the same for what you should carry with you, compared to what you do. For example, you should probably carry a slim wallet, but you have a bulky one in your back pocket. For more instances of this, read on:

A Wallet too Thick

Studies have shown that thick wallets, especially when stored in the back pocket, can cause back issues. It pushes your hips out of alignment and pinches your nerves. What’s the solution? A slim minimalist wallet, like the Trayvax Ascent. It can fit into your front pocket, or even your jacket pocket, keeping your nerves uncompressed and your hips in alignment. This health-saving wallet is also quite durable, with its melonite-finished metal frame and top-grain leather. It can hold up to 7 cards despite its slim profile. And in four cool colors, it’ll look good with any outfit you’re wearing. So ditch your bulky old pain in the back, and get a cool new Ascent.

ascent slim wallet

A Dull Pocket Knife

A pocket knife is a great tool. It can even save your life. But if it’s too dull, it’s useless. And with the force needed to use it, it can be even more dangerous than a properly sharpened knife. So cast aside the Swiss Army knife you got in Boy Scouts, and upgrade to a Trayvax Trek. This fixed-blade knife feels weightless in the hand, thanks to its skeletonized frame. It can stay sharp despite slicing through meats, thin woods, and even cardboard. It can even break through glass to escape a crashed car or rescue a dog from the heat. Indoors or out, in normal situations and emergencies, this is the perfect knife for everyday carry.

trek pocket knife

A Phone too Close to Your Cards

Do you keep your phone in the same pocket as your wallet? That could be an issue, as the magnets in your phone can demagnetize your more sensitive cards. How can you prevent this? Easy, switch the pocket you keep your phone in. Or even better, you can keep your phone and cards in a Roam Clutch. It has a special slot for your cell phone, enough space for 12 cards, a soft woolen interior for bills, and some hidden slots for bobby pins, keys, or small tubes of medicine. Your phone and cards will have plenty of space between them with this clutch.

A Weak, Fraying Belt

You don’t want your pants falling at the worst possible moment. If your belt is too weak, that’s exactly what could happen. Thankfully, there are some belts that can keep strong no matter what. One such belt is the black Cinch belt. It’s long enough to go around most waists, cheap enough that you can own multiple, and can be used with multiple interchangeable buckles. There are even two new ones, Forest Green and Titanium, released for the holidays. Trayvax’s belts and buckles won’t wear out, and are even concealed carry compatible. No matter what’s on your belt, the Cinch will stand strong.

black cinch belt

Poorly-Kept Keys

A loose or poorly-constructed keychain can be disastrous. You could lose your keys and not even know it until you’re locked out. With a Trayvax Keydex, that won’t be an issue. It’s a simple, secure, quiet key organizer. The Keydex can hold up to 12 keys, and has a stainless steel prybar to keep it safely in your pocket. Once it’s assembled, you’ll be the only one able to take the keys off of it. It may not be able to hold thick car keys, but any other keys will be safely attached. Keep your keys safe with a Keydex.

In Conclusion

There are several mistakes you can make in your everyday carry. If your back is hurting, your wallet might be too thick. Replace it with a slim wallet, like the Trayvax Ascent, which you keep in your jacket pocket. Or if your pocket knife is too dull, it can be dangerous to use. Replace it with a better one, such as the Trek Field Knife. Your belt might be weak, and need to be replaced with a Cinch belt, which won’t break at an embarrassing time. And finally, your keys shouldn’t be on a flimsy lanyard, but a Keydex organizer. Trayvax can help with all of these problems.

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