What Are Some Traditional Groomsmen Gifts?

What Are Some Traditional Groomsmen Gifts?

Some things never change at weddings. One of these things is the tradition of the groomsmen's gift. And there are some traditional ones, like cufflinks or a flask, that never go out of style.


Nothing is more traditional than a pair of cufflinks for your groomsmen’s tuxedos. They’re great options to go with the wedding’s theme, or if you’d rather have them personalized, it’s easy to get them engraved with your groomsmen’s initials. They’ll be used immediately, so they’re always a popular choice. And if you make them generic enough, they can be used in multiple weddings.


One thing all men appreciate is a fine leather wallet. And no wallet is finer, or less expensive, than the Renegade wallet with zipper. It’s a great choice, as it’s roomy enough for all the cards, bills, and other items they need to carry. It’s got a lockable zipper pull on top of a strong YKK zipper, so their cards won’t be easily stolen. The wallet is good for your wallet too, at less than 50 dollars apiece. So, for you and them, stick to the traditional leather wallet.

renegade wallet

Belts and Buckles

A belt is a perfect thing for a less-formal wedding and is traditionally engraved with names or jokes. And our black Cinch belt is strong enough to hold throughout the day. Your groomsmen will love them. Add in an interchangeable buckle set, and it’s even better. The new Forest Green and Titanium buckles are sure to be popular among your groomsmen.

black cinch belt


Everyone carries keys, and everyone needs ways to hold them. So a keychain makes for a fantastic gift. And what’s the best keychain? A simple Keyton Clip from Trayvax. It’s made of the same metal and leather as our fine wallets and is backed by the same 65-year warranty. Grab a few of these off of our website, and hand them out to the guys who made your wedding great. They’ll be used immediately and appreciated daily. They’ll be a great reminder of a wonderful day.

keyton clip keychain

Flasks or other Drink Containers

Many groomsmen receive drink flasks or pint glasses as gifts. But what if the tradition was shifted a bit, for something with more everyday uses? A Trayvax water bottle is perfect for this. It’s got a wide mouth, is dishwasher safe and can be used for any sort of drink you can imagine. Does your brother drink hot coffee on his way to work every morning? This bottle can hold it and keep it insulated. Is your best friend a runner who needs a lot of water? It’ll stay cold in a Trayvax water bottle. And it doesn’t look as suspicious as a metal flask does. This bottle is the best tradition shift there is.


Another traditional groomsmen’s gift is an engraved pocket knife, usually with a folding blade. This is another trend worth shifting slightly, with the Trayvax Trek. It’s a fixed-blade knife, with a high-quality leather sheath. It may be a bit pricy, but you’re paying for quality. It stays sharp for a long time, can break through glass, and is a potential lifesaver. But something as dangerous as a knife has to be handled with care. It might not be the best option for every wedding party, especially if a lot of drinking is happening. But if you play it smart and safe, a Trayvax Trek will be a great gift.

trek knife


A fancy or personalized pen is a common gift for groomsmen. But that doesn’t make it an exciting one. Jazz it up a bit by making it a Bullet Space Pen, and pairing it up with a Rite in the Rain notebook. The two of them make a good combination gift, and are useful in almost any situation. The ink from the pen is waterproof, as are the pages of the notebook, so they can even exchange numbers with new friends when it’s raining. Kick the plain pen up a notch with a matching notebook.

In Conclusion

The groomsmen’s gift is a time-honored tradition, and some gifts are more common than others. Cuff links are the most common option, but wallets and knives are seen fairly often too. Flasks have gotten a lot of traction, and the useful belts and keychains never go out of style. A pen can be easily personalized and paired with a notebook. Look to us at Trayvax for most of your groomsmen gift needs, our American-made products won’t disappoint.

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