Do You Know Any Non-Traditional Groomsmen Presents?

Do You Know Any Non-Traditional Groomsmen Presents?

Groomsmen gifts range from the funny to the functional, the traditional to the modern. For this article, we’ll be focusing on non-traditional groomsmen gifts, like hoodies, water bottles, and mini notebooks. Whatever you want to give your groomsmen, Trayvax can help.


Most groomsmen won’t be expecting clothing as a gift. Surprise them with something warm and comfortable: A Trayvax hoodie. It’s got a blue Trayvax logo on the right breast, a pouch pocket in front, and of course, a nice, warm hood. And warm it is. This heavyweight hoodie can keep you warm in temperatures as low as 50° F (10° C).   And they’re soft and comfortable, being made from extra-thick, extra-warm fleece. They’re great for early-morning hikes, autumn camping trips, or just hanging out in the backyard. Whatever you’re doing, keep warm with this comfortable hoodie.


For something cheaper, and a bit farther south, try a tactical webbing belt like the Trayvax Cinch. It’s strong, affordable, and has several colors of interchangeable buckles. There are even new colors available. Who wouldn’t want a belt with a titanium buckle? Or a holiday-appropriate forest green buckle? Your groomsmen sure would, and if you get these fashionable belts, you’ll have plenty of money left over for the honeymoon. These belts will be a hit for any groomsmen.

cinch belt

Water Bottles

Normally, a flask or beer stein would make for a good groomsmen gift. But what do you get for your sober groomsmen? How about a water bottle? We here at Trayvax have a great option in our Nalgene Water Bottle. It comes in three colors, is dishwasher-safe, and despite its name, is great for more beverages than just water. Does one of your groomsmen need a new way to transport his morning coffee? This bottle will keep it nice and warm. Or does another need a way to keep his Gatorade close by while he bikes or goes for a jog? Yup, the Nalgene bottle is great for that too. Hot or cold, it’s a great bottle for almost any beverage. And with how affordable it is, you can get one for all of your groomsmen without too much worry. Everyone will love it.

Wallet Combs

For a gift that can be used immediately, the Shift Wallet Comb makes for a unique, compact choice. It can be used to style and detangle hair and beards. With finer teeth for smoothing and styling and wider ones for hair and beards, your groomsmen will be looking sharp for your wedding. And when they’re done with their combs, they can slip them into their wallets for a bonus use. These little metal combs are also great for resisting RFID signals. Your groomsmen’s credit cards will be safe from any nefarious signals that could steal their data. With these things considered, plus their portability, these little combs make for fantastic gifts!

Mini Notepad

Either on its own or paired with a Bullet Space Pen, the Weatherproof Mini Notepad is a fun and functional gift and can be improved upon further by being added to a men’s notebook wallet like the Summit Notebook. This little notepad is great for work, as you can easily jot down a to-do list. But it’s also perfect for fun, like if you wanted to play hangman, draw a new character, or write down a new idea for a story. It’s the perfect size to carry around if you don’t want your crazy ideas being forgotten. And if it’s paired with the Bullet Space Pen, all the better. Mud, grease, even rain are no match for this pair. The ink of the Space Pen can cut through them, and the special Rite in the Rain notebook has water-resistant pages. No matter what messes your groomsmen get into, they’ll be able to write neatly. Whatever your groomsmen want to write or draw, it’s easy to do in this little notebook.

In Conclusion

If you don’t want to give the traditional cuff links or whiskey flask, Trayvax has several options available. Your outdoorsy groomsmen will love Trayvax hoodies, and everyone needs a new Cinch belt. Instead of the traditional flask, try a water bottle for something everyone will love. A wallet comb makes for a great gift, and its protection against RFID signals makes it even better. And finally, a mini notebook is the perfect gift for your creative groomsmen, especially when it’s paired with the Bullet Space Pen. Whatever your groomsmen love, Trayvax can provide it.

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