What Should You Consider Before Traveling to Any Country?

What Should You Consider Before Traveling to Any Country?

With countries’ borders opening up to international tourists again, there are all sorts of logistical issues and considerations to think about, such as getting a passport, safety, what to pack, and of course, what you’re going to do while you’re there. In this article, we’ll detail some of these, as well as ways our products can help.

Do I Have a Passport?

The first thing you’ll need to get in order is your passport. If you don’t have a passport, you won’t be leaving the country. Passports can be expensive, though, and need to be protected. If you want our help protecting it, try our Explorer Passport wallet. With this brown leather wallet, men and women alike will be able to hold onto everything they need, including their passports. It’s big enough to hold (x amount of) cards, all the bills you need, your boarding pass, and more. It’s tough enough to go through the X-ray machine and can survive a crash into the luggage cart. When you board the plane, you can pay for premium snacks and movies with one of your cards, possibly getting reward points for future vacations. And no matter how many vacations you go on, the Explorer wallet will be with you.

explorer passport wallet

Is My Destination Safe?

This is a bit of a trick question. No country is perfectly safe all of the time, but some have more risks than others. And pickpockets are everywhere. Watch out for tricks like loud, distracting noises. Don’t take any free CDs from guys on the street, and don’t make a huge show of checking for your wallet. And if you need a wallet that’ll stay safely in your pocket, try the super-slim Trayvax Ascent, a front pocket wallet perfect for any situation. It can hold up to 7 cards and keeps them safe with a secure clip point. Attach it to a wallet chain, and the other end to your pocket or belt, and no one will run off with it. Your cards will be safe in this little wallet.

ascent slim wallet

What Should I Pack?

This is a good question. That depends entirely on your destination. You wouldn’t wear a pair of shorts in Greenland, or a parka in Australia, after all. But you know what’s always a great thing to wear? A black Cinch belt. It’s tough enough to stay intact, fashionable enough to wear in most situations, and cheap enough that you can buy multiple. And the interchangeable buckles aren’t too shabby, either. They come in several fun colors, including some new ones for the holidays. This belt will look great wherever you take it, it won’t snap at the most embarrassing moment, and your pants will stay firmly in place.

black cinch belt

What am I Going to Do There?

When you get to your destination, there’s the big question of what you’re going to do. Will you just relax, go on a hike, or maybe go out and do some extreme sports? What you need is a tough wallet that can keep up with any of these things. And your best option is a Trayvax Element. This rugged little wallet can withstand anything you want to do. Take a spill while hiking? The metal frame won’t even scratch. Buried it in the sand at the beach? It only takes a few minor scuffs. Stepped on by someone dancing at the club? It won’t crack, and neither will the cards in it. And if you’re just relaxing at your hotel, it’s great there too. It’s sleek-looking and will impress your new friends. This wallet will keep up with just about anything you want to do, no matter how mild or wild.

In Conclusion

Going on vacation to another country can be a fun thing, but there are several questions you need to answer. First and most importantly, do you have a passport? If not, get one. If so, protect it with an Explorer wallet. Second, is there a problem with pickpockets? Most likely, so use a slim Ascent wallet and keep it close. What should you pack? Your clothes should be appropriate for the weather. And a nice Cinch belt wouldn’t go amiss either. What are you going to do when you get there? You can do whatever you want, and when you need a wallet to keep up with your most extreme fun, a Trayvax Element will be the one. So have fun; Trayvax will be right there with you!

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