Beware Of Demagnetizing!

Beware Of Demagnetizing!

There are many risks to credit cards these days. They could get broken, stolen, skimmed, or demagnetized. But what is demagnetizing, and how can you prevent it? We’ll explain these things here.

What is Demagnetization?

Imagine you’re at a hotel. In a rush to get to the breakfast buffet, you put your key card in the same pocket as your cell phone. After breakfast, you want to get back into your room to change into your bathing suit. But when you swipe or insert your key card, the door won’t open! What’s happened? Well, your key card has likely been “demagnetized.” This happens when a strong magnet disrupts the magnetic stripe of a card. It doesn’t just happen to hotel cards, though. They’re just the most sensitive to it. Your credit card can fall victim to it too. But it doesn’t have to.

Can the Magnet in Your Wallet Affect Your Credit Cards?

Yes. It doesn’t happen often, but a metal wallet clip’s inner magnet might destabilize the magnets in your cards. The risk increases with the amount of time spent in the wallet. So the best thing to do is, of course, not use a wallet with a magnetic clasp. There are plenty of options for this, like the popular Original 2.0. It closes with paracord, not magnets. It can hold up to 16 cards with no problem and comes in many fun colors. This wallet is our bestseller, and if you pick it up, you’ll see why.

original slim wallet

Other Magnet-Free Wallets

The Original 2.0 isn’t the only magnet-free wallet we have here at Trayvax. Another popular, magnet-free wallet is the Ascent, a front-pocket wallet that’s easy to carry around. It has a pull tab to remove your cards, a metal frame, and no magnets to worry about. And it’s slim enough to fit into any pockets you might have. It’ll go great in a coat’s inner pockets, the front pocket of your jeans, or even the pouch of your hoodie.

Another wallet that’s magnet-free is the Trayvax Contour. This unique-looking wallet looks like a cage and is secured with a snap clasp.  It also has a window where your ID is easy to see. It even has a built-in bottle opener. This fancy wallet will keep your cards safe from just about anything, including itself.

contour slim wallet

Can Credit Cards Demagnetize Each Other?

No, not really. They’d have to be sitting stripe-to-stripe for a long period for that to happen. And since they usually stay facing the same direction, that isn’t going to happen. Hotel key cards, on the other hand, are a bit more sensitive. They get demagnetized easier, and sometimes it’s just from scratching against other cards. To prevent this from happening, keep them in different card pockets. The Explorer Passport Wallet has plenty of slots for cards to be separated and is perfect to take on vacation. So take your Explorer along, slip your key card into it, and get into your hotel room with ease every time.

Other Things to Watch Out For

There are other ways a card can get demagnetized. For instance, being in the same pocket as a camera or cell phone. The magnets in these gadgets can be strong enough to mess with your card’s stripe. What’s the solution? Keep your cards safe in a wallet, not free-floating in a pocket. You can use the Roam Clutch to keep your cards and phone apart safely. The sensitive stripes won’t get scratched, either; this clutch has a super-soft wool interior. But do be careful; it has a magnetic clasp. If using this clutch for your more sensitive cards, keep those cards towards the middle, far away from both the clasp and the phone slot.

There’s also the risk of cards being demagnetized from other things, such as the employees of a store using their magnet guns to remove the security chip off a DVD. The solution to this is simple: Take your card off the counter while it’s being used.

In Conclusion

Demagnetization is what happens when your card’s magnetic stripe is damaged or overpowered. It can be devastating, but there are ways to prevent it. First and foremost, be careful to use a wallet without a magnetic clasp. Most of ours don’t, including the Original 2.0, the Ascent, and the Contour. Cards don’t often demagnetize each other, but phones, cameras and retail magnet guns can spell trouble for cards. Keep your cards safe from magnetic harm with a Trayvax wallet.

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