What Is the Future of Anti-RFID Wallet Technology?

What Is the Future of Anti-RFID Wallet Technology?

Technology is always changing, so what’s nearly magic today could be commonplace tomorrow. Take RFID technology, for instance. Not too long ago, nobody would believe that you could pay for your groceries without even taking your card out of your wallet, or that your cat’s collar could unlock her auto-feeder. But such things are here. Unfortunately, though, so are data thieves using RFID technology for their own nefarious purposes. But wallets combating this are evolving too, so you won’t need to worry as much.

Anti-RFID Clothing

The metal weaving in wallets has crossed into apparel now. There are shirts and jackets with pockets that are lined with RFID-resistant materials. In conjunction with RFID-resistant wallets, people’s cards are even safer in these special pockets. But it’s not just jackets, either. There have been prototypes for pants, even skinny jeans, lined with RFID-resistant metals.

While we don’t sell these special jackets yet, you can still keep warm with a Trayvax Heavyweight Hoodie. This sweatshirt is lined with extra-thick, extra-warm fleece, so it’ll keep you warm in temperatures as low as 50°F (10°C). And if your cards are already in an RFID-resistant wallet, the extra layers of fluff in the pocket won’t hurt. So while you wait for the anti-RFID jacket to become more common, wear a Trayvax hoodie.

RFID-Resistant Fabric

Some stores on Amazon are selling RFID-blocking fabric, so individuals can make their own skim-proof wallets and pockets. The unfortunate part is the price, which is as high as $1000 for some types. But as demand increases, supply will too. There’s going to be a boom in DIY wallet protection soon. But while you wait for that, why not try a Trayvax Contour? This metal RFID wallet is a great choice, and it looks pretty cool too.

contour wallet

This cage-like wallet will protect your cards from scratches, cracks, and of course, skimming. And showing it off at the bar is sure to garner some positive attention. Everyone will be wondering where you got it, and you can tell them, for their security.


Flexible Tags

To confuse the RFID skimmers, some fabrics and wallets can be implanted with their own RFID tags. They’ll be slim enough to hide in any wallet, or you might be able to make a special protector out of a long, thin RFID tag. Until then, though, try our Shift Wallet Comb. It’s got two comb sides. One is wide-set for thick hair and beards, and the other is fine-toothed for styling. You can also use it as a bottle opener. And when you’re done, slip it into your wallet to resist those nasty RFID signals. What looks like a simple little comb can be so much more. Big things can come in packages as small as your wallet, and can be hidden away just as easily.

More RFID Wallets

The RFID-resistant wallet is a classic choice, and it’ll be available in even more ways in the future. People will make fancier wallets, cheaper wallets, and of course, bigger wallets. Everything people want in a wallet will be in the future RFID-blocking wallets. And while you wait for those to arrive, you can buy a Summit Notebook wallet. This men’s notebook wallet is our most resistant, able to resist up to 95.1% of signals with the armor plate. Nobody will get your data unless you want them to. It also has a built-in notebook and space for an included pen.

notebook wallet

This works well if you have an idea to write down before you forget it, or want to sketch a new character. Whether you’re safe and dry inside, or out in the rain waiting for a bus, the notebook and pen will be able to write no matter what. The ink and pages are water-resistant and greaseproof. Your ideas can stay as safe as your cards with this wallet.

In Conclusion

There are a lot of things on the horizon in RFID technology, but also some fun things available now. RFID-resistant clothes are on the way, but for right now, a resistant wallet inside a Trayvax hoodie will do the trick. There are expensive RFID-blocking fabrics on Amazon and other sites, but getting your own resistant wallet, like a Trayvax Contour, will help. To confuse the skimmers, RFID tags are being made thinner and more flexible to be easier to hide. Why not hide a Shift Wallet Comb instead? And finally, wallets will continue to be made. Try a Trayvax wallet to keep your cards safe.

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Ethan Calcote

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