Types Of Wallets You Need Nowadays

Types Of Wallets You Need Nowadays

There are many different wallets, for many different needs. If you have small pockets, you might need a slim wallet. A world traveler might need a passport wallet. Or a creative person might need a notebook wallet. Whatever kind of wallet you need, Trayvax can provide it.

Slim Wallets

One of the most common types of wallets today is the slim or front pocket wallet. True to its name, it can fit into your front pocket easily. With bulky wallets in back pockets leading to spinal issues, more people have adopted the slim wallet. A Trayvax Ascent is a good option. It’s slim, but it can still hold up to 7 cards. With its melonite-finished metal frame and top-grain leather, it’s built to last. And its nylon pull tab is strong enough to get your cards out as soon as you need them.

ascent pocket wallet

The Ascent can fit into your jeans, your jacket’s inner pocket, your backpack or gym bag, or even in the center console of your car. Wherever you need to put this super-slim wallet, it’ll fit.

If you want a wallet that’s still slim, but is also tough, the Trayvax Element is the one for you. It can withstand anything life can throw at you. If it falls out of your pocket onto some concrete or rocks, the metal will barely even scratch. When a car zooms through a puddle and splashes you, the leather won’t just fall apart. And if someone steps on your dropped wallet, your cards won’t crack. With its rugged stainless-steel frame and high-quality leather, this wallet is the very definition of “tough.” But it looks sleek enough to be used on the town.

3 wallets slim

Passport Wallets

Your passport is one of the most important documents you own. Protect it with a Trayvax Explorer passport wallet. This wallet is big enough to hold your passport, up to 12 cards, your boarding pass, and plenty of cash for your destination. It’s strong and durable, and can withstand the X-ray machine or a drop to the linoleum floor. Use it to get your passport stamped, exchange cash for your destination, then pay for wi-fi and meals once you’re in the air. The Explorer is your best friend in the friendly skies.

For something a little bit bigger, try the Roam Clutch. It has even more space for more things. In addition to your passport and boarding pass, it can hold your cell phone, your earbuds, a tube of Dramamine, and of course, all of the cash and cards you need. Best of all, it counts as your handheld item. It’s TSA-certified, so there won’t be any raised eyebrows when you take it through security. So when you need something big with plenty of space for your travel needs, a passport wallet or clutch is the best option.

Notebook Wallets

Sometimes you wake up in the middle of the night to a great idea, only for it to fade in the morning. Or you come up with a brilliant line of dialogue for your story while waiting for the bus, and don’t want to repeat it to yourself until you get to your laptop. What if you could write down your ideas in your wallet? With a men’s notebook wallet, you can do just that. The Summit Notebook wallet has a notebook built into it, and it comes with a Bullet Space Pen. It’s perfect for those ideas that come at inopportune moments. Just jot them down, and you’re good to go. It can also be used for more business-like applications, such as a to-do list or meeting notes. It’s a low-tech way to remember things, keep organized, and have fun. Whatever you need to write or draw, do so in a Summit Notebook Wallet.

In Conclusion

Everyone has different needs, and Trayvax has a wallet for everyone. If you want something that’ll fit into your small pockets and not hurt your back, you need a slim wallet, like the Ascent. If you want a slim wallet that’ll keep up with a rugged life, the Element is the wallet for you. For the international traveler, a passport wallet like the Explorer will be your best option. When the Explorer isn’t big enough, the Roam Clutch will be. It can even hold your phone. And to keep your ideas and to-do lists close at hand, a Summit Notebook wallet will work. And best of all, these wallets come with our 65-Year Heirloom Warranty.

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