Too Many Cards? Here’s How to Declutter Your Wallet

Too Many Cards? Here’s How to Declutter Your Wallet

Does your front pocket wallet look like it’s about to burst? You probably keep all kinds of clutter in there because you think you’ll need these items. But be honest… when was the last time you showed your membership card? Have you even visited the club that the card was issued at? If your bifold wallet for men is full of credit cards, discount cards, or receipts, it’s time to slim down your wallet. By carrying the bare minimum, you can learn to be more minimalistic.

In this article, you’ll find tips on curating a clutter-free wallet. And since minimalism is in, you’ll also be stylish by the end it.

#1 Pour Out The Contents

Start by pouring out all of its contents. You’ll likely find items that you never knew you had, like a business card from someone you met years ago, or tickets to a show that you never even went to. Over the years, your wallet will accumulate a variety of knick-knacks that don’t belong in there. Once you see the number of unnecessary items in there, you’ll understand the need to declutter.

#2 Sort Out the Unnecessary Items

To declutter your bi-fold wallet for men, you need to throw away the items that you probably won’t use down the road. For starters, sort out the things that you haven’t used in years. When was the last time you swiped that credit card? Why is there foreign currency from that trip you went to ages ago in your wallet? Do you still need copies of your ATM receipts? To slim down your front pocket wallet, stick to the essentials.

#3 Cut Down Your Credit Cards

If you’ve always wanted a metal wallet with money clip, you’ll need to reduce the number of cards that you carry. Although metal wallets like the Armored Summit Wallet can keep a lot of cards, that doesn’t mean you should carry a lot of cards. Don’t be tempted to push your wallet to its limit. Carry only two credit cards to save you from the temptation of impulsive shopping.

armored summit wallet

#4 Learn to Go Mobile

Tired of keeping a bulky front pocket wallet? You can always move your money to your phone. By going digital, you can go out without bringing your cash and cards. Plus, in case you find yourself low on cash, you can always pay with Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and other applications. What’s more, due to the pandemic, cashless payments have risen in popularity over the past year.

Since cashless payments haven’t taken over yet, make sure to carry cash and cards on you at all times. Not all stores accept cashless payments, so it’s best to be ready with physical cash.

#5 Keep Your Wallet a No-Keys Zone

Don’t be the kind of guy that keeps his keys in his front pocket wallet. Your keys can scratch your cards, so keep them in a separate place like in your pocket or on a clip-on keychain. To keep your essentials together, use a keychain like the Link Lanyard and attach it to your wallet. Then, attach your car keys, house keys, etc. to the keychain. That way, you can “consolidate” your essentials.

link lanyard

#6 Use a Minimalist Wallet

Once you’ve removed the clutter, it’s time to move on from your old wallet. Treat yourself to something simpler such as the Element Wallet or the Contour Wallet. Unlike your bulky bifold wallet, a slim wallet forces you to carry only the essentials. You won’t be tempted to fill it with unnecessary stuff such as receipts, cards, and so on. Plus, a slim wallet complements your new clutter-free lifestyle.

element wallet

#7 Take a Picture of Your Cards

You don’t need to carry all of your cards in your wallet. So, leave your loyalty cards, discount cards, and other cards at home. Keep only the cards you know you’ll use, with the exception of an “emergency” credit card. If you’re worried that you’ll need to show your cards, you can photograph them and store the digital copies on your phone.

As a rule of thumb, your wallet should contain these cards:

  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • Identification card
  • Driver’s license
  • Insurance card
  • Medical card


A bulky wallet isn’t a good look, so if you’re carrying too many credit cards, it’s time to do some decluttering. By sticking to the basics, you can slim down your front pocket wallet and keep it that way.

For slim wallets that’ll stay slim, start shopping at Trayvax. Our wallets are made from premium materials, allowing them to retain their shape and stay stylish for years. When you use one of our wallets, you won’t want to use a big bifold again. 

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