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Where to Buy Cool Wallets?

As the world continues to speed up, being sleek and edgy is the new trend in fashion. Everyone at Trayvax is excited to be apart of this growing trend. Individuals are realizing the need to carry less stuff, making life more simple and an outsider view of a life put together. Buying cool wallets has never been easier!

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How To Slim Down Your Wallet

What do you think should be in a grown man's wallet? There are a few obvious ones such as debit card, a license, even the insurance cards could be considered a "must-have". But what about the random cards you’ll need maybe once a month. Does the local coffee shop punch card or even your library card make the cut?

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What Is A First Responder?

Whether they are running into a burning building, on a search & rescue mission in the vast wilderness or simply protecting our local streets from harm’s way, our first responders are the backbone to an operational society. The question What is a first responder? is hard to comprehend until one is fully dependent on them in a unordinary situation.

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3 Steps To Making Life Easier: Have Less Stuff

As our world speeds up each day we should take steps to evolve with the times. Taking personal responsibility for the “things” we want has never been more pronounced. The ironic thought of having less "stuff" making life easier is a new concept but an evolving one. The mansion is just as desirable as a house with four wheels - it’s all personal perspective. Lets help you get with the times, get rid of the stuff that doesn’t matter and upgrade your life with products that help you "earn your story."

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