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Where To Buy Wallets

Making a purchase is much more than finding a product you enjoy, exchanging money and taking it with you. Each purchase we make defines a personality that the rest of the world views and inevitably judges us upon. This is not a necessarily a bad thing, we know the products we buy will attract similar people into our lives. Whether buying a new pair of shoes, a new back pack or a new wallet, each should shape the personality you are striving to create for yourself. This defines your style and aids you in earning your story.

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What is RFID Blocking?

RFID(Radio Frequency Identification) blocking refers to products that protect your cards that have RFID tags. Modern day credit cards, also known as "smart cards", have a RFID chip inside of them to make transactions faster. All RFID blocking wallets range in terms of their protection. What determines the RFID protection level is based upon what the wallet is made of. Steel and aluminum materials will have the highest form of protection.

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Trayvax Wallets are for EVERYONE!

Trayvax gear has been made for every individual, to move with any lifestyle, backcountry to city life, and everywhere in between. One of our goals is to create products that maximize the efficiency of our everyday systems. Taking on a minimalist approach to life makes it easier, by having less stuff. Thus, allowing us to move faster and inevitably be more productive. 

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Trayvax is giving away free gear, you may have overheard the guy in the coffee line boasting about his new free wallet or maybe you were lucky enough to stumble upon this blog post! Yes the rumors are true, we are giving away over $250 in brand new Trayvax gear... not just once - EVERYDAY until 2020! Can you say "Happy Holidays from Trayvax!" 

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Where Can I Buy a RFID Wallet?

Where can I buy a wallet with RFID protection? Credit cards have been around since the 1950s. Although, it was not until the boom of the internet that we were able to go from a manual credit card imprinter to milli-second transactions. Modern day banking has came a long way in the past twenty-five years.This has made it easier for thieves to compromise your information using handheld RFID scanners. The first task in choosing a RFID wallet is determining which of your cards are at risk.

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