Carabiner Fun – How Carabiner Keychains Are Useful

Carabiner Fun – How Carabiner Keychains Are Useful

Just the sight of a carabiner brings joy! It holds so much potential for fun! Sure, you can jazz up your keyring, but the best carabiner fun is yet to come! Camping, climbing, hiking, kayaking, backpacking or just for everyday life, a carabiner has so many uses.

What Is a Carabiner?

If you’re a backcountry enthusiast, put a carabiner on your list of must-have tools. There are lots of uses for a carabiner every day, but to really see the full potential functionality, you need to take it outside. The unsung heroes of your outdoor gear kit.

To start, to explain what a carabiner is, look at how it is used. It is used for

  • Climbing
  • Hanging on
  • Clipping gear stuff to other stuff
  • Keep tracking of your water bottle
  • And much more!

A carabiner is really just a coupling link with a safety closure. The curved body has a straight or curved gate bar that opens and closes. The closure mechanism creates a secure attachment. Unlike traditional coupling links with no closure point, a carabiner lets you clip things together and secure a waypoint if need be.

Carabiners evolve and improve all the time but be sure to note that if you need one for climbing, it will be certified with a CE or UIAA icon, or both. The certification confirms the carabiner is strong enough to withstand 20 kilonewtons (kN) of force. The average force on a carabiner during a fall is only 5kN, but the standard is set well above at 20kN.

Climbing carabiners keep you safe on your way up (and down) the mountainside. Still, the non-climbing cool tool carabiners are great outdoors and around the house.

Cool Tool Carabiners from Trayvax

Let’s start with the purest Trayvax Carabiner featuring a rugged wire gate and no extraneous components. A long attachment slot makes it easy to incorporate this cool tool carabiner into your everyday carry.

CNC-machined in-house from solid pieces of brass and titanium, these carabiners will not fail you. Our innovative problem-solving and USA manufacturing uses the same brass and titanium as the frames of our premium Contour wallets. Look closely to see the intricate detailing that highlights the precision manufacturing. (NOTE: Not suitable for climbing or weight-bearing uses.)

Talon Carabiner Multi-Tool

This dual gate keychain combines practical functionality as a compact and reliable tool. The streamlined Talon Carabiner Multi-Tool was developed in collaboration with Talon Sei to consolidate his EDC essentials.

The heat-treated stainless steel is CNC Machined in the USA to include:

  • Bottle Opener hidden behind the carabiner gate
  • Phillips Screwdriver fits the most common Phillips fasteners
  • Double duty tip to fit small, slotted screws
  • Medium flat head screwdriver with a serrated tip. Perfect for slotted screws, yet wide enough for prying and scraping

The ergonomic shape provides a secure grip for maximum torque. The dual gate securely attaches your keys but lets you quickly and easily detach them anytime. (NOTE: Not suitable for climbing or weight-bearing uses.)

The Keyton Clip Carabiner Keychain

Slip the quick-release Keyton Clip Carabiner Keychain loop over your belt, on your backpack, or purse for a convenient everyday carry. Clip it over your stroller, or shopping cart handle to secure bags and accessories. The stainless-steel carabiner comes in raw or black metal and includes a 1” split ring.

The top-grain, oil-tanned leather comes in Tobacco Brown, Mississippi Mud, Stealth Black, and Steel Gray to complement your Trayvax wallet or clutch. Streamline your pockets and add this perfect complement to an Element or Contour leather wallet or your Roam Clutch. (NOTE: Not suitable for climbing or weight-bearing uses.)

The Trayvax Link Lanyard

With enhanced hardware and a new leather version, The Trayvax Link Lanyard is perfect for anything you want to hold close, keep secure and have readily available. The quick-release swivel secures to a custom stainless-steel Trayvax carabiner with your choice of climb-spec nylon or top grain oil-tanned leather in Tobacco Brown, Mississippi Mud, Stealth Black, or Steel Gray. (NOTE: Not suitable for climbing or weight-bearing uses.)

The Best Stretch Lanyard

Imagine a made-in-USA quick-release swivel secured to a stainless-steel Trayvax carabiner and bungee nylon that stretches up to 25 inches. Now you know why the Link Stretch from Trayvax is called the best stretch lanyard.

This rugged lanyard elegantly secures your wallet or keys – all with a 65-year heirloom warranty. (NOTE: Not suitable for climbing or weight-bearing uses.)

Fun Things to Do with Carabiners

Everything you can do with carabiners doesn’t have to be fun, but there’s just something about them. A carabiner tool goes to the heart of the outdoors, making everyone who loves the outdoors smile – at least a bit.

Here are a few ideas for fun things to do with carabiners in case you need more ideas.

Carabiner Keyring Pant Clip

Never, ever lose your keys again, at least while you keep them attached to your pants. Keep your keys attached to your belt loop with a carabiner, and you always have them within reach. Nothing is better than a carabiner keychain for holding your keys. Attach your keys to your backpack, water bottle, or hang them on a hook when you get home.

Hang Food While Camping

Pair up a carabiner with a hanging line to keep your food out of reach of bears (and any other wild creature near your camp.) Bears see the pack out of reach and move along.

Connect Your Backpack to Your Gear

Anything with a handle can attach to your backpack with a carabiner. Travel mug, flashlight, flip flops, knife, or binoculars are all handy for easy access while you hike the trail.

Organize Reusable Grocery Bags

Slip a carabiner through the handle of your reusable grocery bags to keep them together in the car. Once you get to the store, use the carabiner to connect the bags to the side of the grocery cart.

Extend a Zipper Pull

Have a tactical jacket that tries to hide your zipper pull? Attach a carabiner for easy access. Plus, you can attach gloves, keys, or whatever you need to the front of your coat.

Protection from Thieves

With a wallet with an attachment point, you can keep a carabiner clipped to your clothing, so no one can steal your wallet from your pocket. The carabiner won’t snap from a single tug, and if you feel a jerk, you can stop the pickpocket. Great protection for your keys and a minimalist wallet.

Portable Tool Kit

Aside from holding keys and wallets and connecting stuff without breaking, some carabiners have built-in multi-tools. Look for Phillips and flathead screwdrivers, scrapers, and bottle openers!

Extend Your Reach

Need to reach a little further with your keys? Some higher deadbolt locks make reaching difficult without a bit of a stretch. Keep your keys attached and secure, even when you need to stretch up to 25” to unlock that door. Great for car keys too! Take them out of the ignition, and they pop right back into your pocket. Never lock yourself out of the car again!

In Conclusion

Carabiners bring great joy with all their practicalities. There’s just something about a carabiner that makes the heart sing! Keep your keys close and your wallet closer, organize grocery bags, and so much more! 

Add the 65-year Heirloom Warranty from Trayvax, and you know your carabiner is the best of the best.

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