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How Do We Create New Products?

Our first wallet was two simple flat plates, some elastic and some paracord. From the very beginning the priority was simplicity, function and durability above all else. Fast forward to the end of 2019... we have created, tested and brought over two dozen new products to market. How do we continue to create new products? We wish there was a simple answer opposed to a complex system of moving parts. There is one truth we contribute the success - to you, the supporter of Trayvax products and our amazing employees. We thank you Trayvax employees and supporters for bringing products to market that everyone can enjoy.

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New Product Release: Keydex & Trek Field Knife

We are excited to officially announce our warehouse has begun shipping trek Field Knives out the door! The Trek Field Knife is meant to be used as an everyday carry, built to last forever and it's sleek lightweight design will not slow you down.Along with our Knife, we are excited to release our Keydex product. The Keydex is a secure key holder system to help simply your life. Both are available to the public for purchase!

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What is the Best Men's Wallet?

Every Trayvax wallet is created to be unisex, not destined for the pocket of only a woman or man but built for everyone to enjoy based on their unique personality. Buying gifts for your boyfriend, dad or grandfather can be a constant mental struggle of finding the perfect gift that matches their personality. We get it! Everyone has a different lifestyle, a unique character trend that defines the type of products they bring into their life. This is the case as I shop for mens wallets for my two brothers and father before heading home for the holidays. I decided everyone is getting a Trayvax wallet this year but each individual has different functionality preferences and most importantly style.

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2019 Black Friday Deals

Trayvax will be offering 10% off the order of 1 wallet, 15% off 2+ wallets, & 25% off 4+ wallets if you are looking to shop for everyone in one place! With any order of $20 or more we will through in our Summit Wallet  for FREE. Additional to all these great deals we continue to giveaway $250+ worth of gear for FREE every day at 1PM Pacfic Standard Time. 

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How to Make a Leather Wallet

Each new leather wallet order Trayvax receives we begin the process of making a wallet by hand from sourced materials. We enjoy taking the customer along as we create their product personally for them! You may have noticed after your Trayvax online checkout is complete, you receive an email taking you on a journey of creating your new everyday carry. We take pride in our fine tuned manufacturing process. Every piece of our equipment has a place in the warehouse, each step of the creation process leads into the next. This guarantees that every single product we send out the door has been inspected several times by multiple people to ensure the highest quality. This is American manufacturing at its finest!

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