Best Groomsmen Gifts Ideas for 2023

Best Groomsmen Gifts Ideas for 2023

You were a groomsman at your cousin’s wedding last year, and he gave you this <note sarcasm> delightful pair of cufflinks you are never going to wear. Well, maybe if he gets married again and asks you… let’s not go there.

So, since each male in the wedding party gets a gift from the groom, it’s time to start thinking about possibilities for your wedding. You’ll need to get gifts for all the groomsmen, the best man, ushers, ring bearer, officiant, and even the father of the bride and your father.

Here are some things to consider even before you start choosing groomsmen gifts in 2022.

  • How formal is your wedding? – Chances are, the more formal the wedding, the more traditional the gifts.
  • What is your relationship with each groomsman? – Choosing a gift for your best friend is one thing. But trying to get something appropriate for your mother’s second cousin’s nephew you’ve only met twice, but your mother insisted he be in the wedding party is another.
  • Do you want to give everyone the same item? – Often, the same item in different colors or styles gives the impression of being “fair.” Then again, fair might be overrated in this case. Traditionally, the groomsmen all get the same gifts, but ideally, they are customized or engraved with their names. The officiant receives a more modest gift unless they play a critical role in your everyday life.
  • Is yours a destination wedding? – If so, you may need to choose gifts you can give before you leave for the destination or small things that travel well.
  • What is your bride giving to her bridesmaids? – You’ll probably want to stick with a similar budget and ask her if there is a theme.
  • What is your budget? – The more groomsmen you have, the more you divide up your budget.
  • How much did they spend? – A budget guideline is often how much your groomsmen spent to stand up for you. The more they spend, the more you spend on them.

The History of Groomsmen in a Wedding Party

Imagine the romantic beginnings of creating a wedding party, including all your best friends and male relatives. Flowers. Bridesmaids. Music. Well… it’s not as romantic as all that.

Having groomsmen goes back to ancient Rome. The Roman law said you needed at least 10 witnesses to get married. Oh, and the witnesses all had to be men.

And then, there was always the risk you and your bride would be cursed! Evil spirits were everywhere, and you needed to protect yourselves at this critical time. To confuse those pesky evil spirits in ancient Rome, you would line up other men and women who looked like you, so the spirits couldn’t tell who was getting married. With 10 men as witnesses, the bride would match that number with bridesmaids who escorted her to the ceremony and kept her safe.

The Historical Role of Groomsmen

Not only were the spirits evil at the time! Grooms regularly kidnapped their bride from her family home and ran off to get married. Groomsmen were accomplices to the kidnapping to ensure the success of the quest. Groomsmen would provide protection for the couple during the ceremony to make sure that nobody objected (and forever held their peace!)

When a groom stole the bride, objections to the marriage were quite common. This was probably the reason he stole her. This was the solution when her parents didn’t approve of the union. And since the groom would holster his sword on his right side, the bride would stand to his left. That way, he would be at the ready. Plus, if necessary, he had enough room to draw his sword and protect his bride from being taken back before the ceremony was over.

The best man would stand beside the bride during the wedding ceremony. His presence was supposed to prevent her father, other family members, and other suitors from stealing her. He was also in charge of making sure she didn’t run away!

Few groomsmen today fulfill the same role (let’s hope!)… Instead, they help the groom logistically, help him reduce stress and wedding jitters, and support the fun at the wedding ceremony and reception.

Traditional Groomsmen Gifts

  • Cufflinks – Yes, they are traditional, but unless you know your groomsmen will actually use them, leave them off this list. Consider cufflinks as a possibility, maybe for your father or future father-in-law, but that’s probably pushing it, too. Cufflinks have been traditional groomsmen’s gifts because they are easily personalized. Just get everyone their own initials, and you’re good. Now that you can get engraving on everything from pocketknives to wallets, cufflinks have dropped down on the list. Plus, well… fewer people wear them because they just don’t go well with denim.
  • Booze & a Glass – Usually a lovely, boxed set. Pick out something you know he drinks. And, at the very least, get the glass etched with something memorable (and something his wife will approve of!) Do everything you can to make sure the glass is something he’ll keep once he drinks the rest of your gift. Oh, and a nice box that the kids will play with or his wife will store make-up in is a nice touch. But you can do better than this. If you are going to give anyone on your list Booze & a Glass, give them something else, too.
  • Pocket Knives - Now, here’s a perfect gift for 2022! A Trayvax Trek knife is CNC machined and built to last. The lightweight design with the skeletonized frame makes for a perpetual conversation piece that’s easy to maintain. The perfectly balanced blade, right at the index finger notch, allows for ultra-controlled cutting and weightless action. If you’re going traditional, this is the way to go!

Best Ideas for Groomsmen Gifts in 2022

The place to start with groomsmen gifts in 2022 is to know your groomsmen! Give it some thought. Also, you don’t need to buy them all the same thing. Find the right gift that expresses your appreciation for their friendship and their help. And try to get something lasting that they think of you and your friendship every time they use it.  

That usually means going beyond a bottle, so let’s look at some long-lasting, reasonably priced options.

·      Keychain

No! Not a kitschy key ring with a (rude) plastic body part hanging down. Instead, give a finely-crafted Keydex from Trayvax. This secure, quiet key-carry system goes beyond the typical keychain. This is ideal if any of your groomsmen have a pocket full of keys. It holds up to 12 keys with a hardened stainless pocket clip to help keep his life more organized. Add a Link Lanyard for security (and coolness.) The Keydex is made and sourced in the USA and is backed by a 65-Year Heirloom Warranty, so you know that every time he takes his keys out, he’ll think of you.

·      Bottle Opener, Wallet Comb, and RFID Credit Card Wallet Protection

No, this isn’t 3 separate gifts! You can give your groomsmen a Shift Comb as a 3-in-1 gift that they will carry with them every day in their wallets. The same size as a credit card, it fits in any wallet. The ultra-thin, lightweight stainless steel protects his credit and debit cards from thieves trying to hack his data.

The comb has 2 sides with tapered teeth, comfortable and effective to use for both beards and hair. Easy detangling prevents hair breakage. The integrated bottle opener is the unexpected feature that makes it so unique.

And, of course, it’s made in the USA and carries a 65-year heirloom warranty. Another item that will last a lifetime. (Not bad for $20!)

·      Metal Wallets

For daily use, you can’t go wrong with a wallet. Choose one with the 65-year heirloom warranty, and you’ll be sharing stories with your buddies from your rocking chairs on the porch decades from now! Check out this super cool metal wallet that won’t break the bank. The Trayvax Original 2.0 wallets come in several colors, so you can get everyone something special. RFID-resistant, too.

To take your gift giving up a notch, consider the Axis Wallet. Ideal for frequent travelers, this TSA-approved bi-fold metal wallet has a stainless-steel frame with a money clip, hidden coin pocket/keyholder, and an easy-access ID window. The Axis holds up to 14 cards and 8 folded bills and coins, all while working as an RFID blocker to keep your card data safe. As always, Trayvax wallets are made in the USA, and here’s another 65-year heirloom warranty item. Your groomsmen will never need another wallet after 2022.

For the ultimate in metal wallets, there’s nothing more extraordinary than the Trayvax Contour. The most sophisticated Trayvax CNC-machined front pocket wallet, your groomsmen get an integrated bottle opener, adjustable sliding clasp, RFID protection, and more. Available in 4 different metals, raw, brass, black, and titanium, give each groomsman their own unique gift. Also, TSA-approved and made in the USA with a 65-year heirloom warranty, this luxurious wallet will never go out of style.

Or pick from a variety of other Trayvax wallets. Get everyone something different or choose a style that suits them all. And remember to add a message with custom engraving, including your wedding date in 2022 (or 2023)!

·      Leather Wallets – Still a Great Choice in 2022

Give your groomsmen the ultimate gift of an engraved, fine leather wallet. Choose from an ultra slim front pocket wallet like the Trayvax Ascent or a zippered wallet and coin pouch like the extremely popular Renegade.

If you’re planning a destination wedding, the perfect groomsmen gift is an Explorer Passport Wallet. With 2 credit card slots and a sleeve for cash, receipts and documents, this exquisite leather travel companion tucks into pockets, backpacks, and purses. Present this gift at the wedding so your groomsmen return home in style.  

·      A Fancy Pen and Notebook

A fancy pen has been a traditional gift for groomsmen, but pens are just not as popular anymore. Except… except when you can get an astronaut pen! The rugged Bullet Space Pen works everywhere, every time, in every situation. The solid brass frame encapsulates the Fisher pressurized ink cartridge that writes underwater, over grease, upside down, and in extreme temperatures.

Perfect for going into space, climbing Everest, deep sea diving, and camping on a rainy weekend in May. The small size and slip-clip make The Bullet Space Pen ideal for an everyday carry for your groomsmen. Or go for the Summit All-Weather Pocket Notebook that includes the pen if you want to make the grandest impression.

·      Indestructible Cinch Belts

If you’re having a less formal wedding, an indestructible cinch belt from Trayvax might be the ideal groomsmen gift before the ceremony. Interchangeable buckles in grey, black, titanium, forest, or camo green, and blue (because a turquoise belt bucket is the coolest!) mean you can give everyone a buckle that matches their style. Or get the same color for everyone to look like a team during the ceremony.

Takeaways for Groomsmen Gifts for 2022

Your groomsmen aren’t required to help you kidnap your bride, so don’t give them old-fashioned groomsmen gifts! The best groomsmen gifts for 2022 reflect who you are, your relationship, and the wedding ceremony.

Give careful consideration to each male in your wedding party. What is best for them? You don’t need to give everyone the same thing, but it may be important that the perceived value of each is about the same. Think about how much they are spending to take part in your wedding and use that as a guide for the gift budget.

Perhaps the most critical aspect of a groomsman’s gift is how the usefulness combines with sentimentality. If you can find an item they will use every day that lasts for decades and has personalized engraving on it, you’ve hit the jackpot! When you reminisce about your wedding with your buddies years from now, imagine how great it will be as they reach into their pockets to show you the wallet or other Trayvax item you gave them.

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