The Very Best Christmas Gifts of 2023

The Very Best Christmas Gifts of 2023

Yet again, it is time to face the challenge. What will you get for that person in your life who already has everything this holiday season? Something that will have you holding your breath in anticipation, instead of terror, when you watch them open your carefully chosen present. This Holiday Gift Guide 2023 makes unique suggestions for this year’s holiday season.

Why are Some People So Hard to Buy For?

You may know someone who just doesn’t seem to need anything. Throughout the year, if they want or need anything, they just buy it themselves. So, when the holidays come, they have no pent-up needs. On the other hand, people who are easier to buy for tend to hesitate to buy things for themselves, so they may have a list of things you can use as a holiday gift guide. 

Psychologists have studied this for over 50 years. They tell us people frequently say one thing and do another (imagine that!) So, it makes it hard for people to even decide what they’ll want in the future, let alone give you a list to make gift-buying easier.  

It Might Be Them, But It Could Be You

Another common reason some people seem difficult to buy for is that gift-givers use their own tastes to decide what to give. So, it becomes much easier to buy things for people similar to you, especially if they have similar tastes.

It’s hard to overcome these biases because so many of our preferences are unconscious. That’s why you might figure out that your gift recipient needs a new sweater but still buy one they will never wear. 

How to Decide on the Best Gifts for Hard to Buy for People

First, don’t listen to them! What they say matters far less than what they do. Think about their activities and how they spend their time. Gifts that support activities or a personal style work well for people you may not know that well.

If you don’t know what they do, rather than asking what they would like as a gift, ask them (or others) what they like to do. That may guide your gift selection more accurately.

Avoid Novelty Gifts

Recipients may get a laugh from a novelty gift during the present exchange, but they tire of them quickly. A trophy fish that sings a song or the hat with a drink can and straw are fun gifts but ultimately a waste of money. Most are somewhere out of sight, gathering dust until they show up in a garage sale someday.

Avoid Making Taste Judgements

Unless you know you share the same tastes as your gift recipient, stick to gifts evaluated on objective features. Don’t even try to overcome your biases to see a gift through the recipient’s eyes.

Focus on Quality

Do your best to choose quality items demonstrating your thoughtfulness and dedication to the gift-giving task. For example, a gift with a 65-year heirloom warranty, like an Armored Summit Wallet from Trayvax, shows objective quality and good taste.


What gifts we recommend for this Christmas

To simplify your holiday shopping this year, here are some gift choices for hard to buy for recipients.

 Use this holiday guide, and if you still have questions, you can always call us (360-738-8210), email us (, or use the chat box on the website. We’re happy to help.

Metal Wallets for Holiday Gift Giving

Metal wallets are the ultimate in durability and cool. This is a safe bet if your gift recipient doesn’t have one yet.

  • The Original Trayvax wallet features an anodized aircraft-grade aluminum front plate for a decorative, durable, corrosion-resistant finish. The back plate is cold rolled, melonite-treated steel. For the purist, this is a great choice.
  • The Axis wallet has 2 stainless plates with MIL-SPEC paracord and heavy-duty nylon. Choose from different coatings, all with a beautiful finish. TSA-approved, this is ideal for travelers.


Durable Leather Wallets for Christmas

Top-grain oil-tanned leather develops an attractive patina over time. These classic “Made in the USA” choices are ideal for hikers, campers, and hunters.

  • The Ascent holds 2-7 cards and 1-5 bills with a quick-release pull tab for easy access to credit cards.
  • The Element is a rugged piece, packed with features like a built-in bottle opener, a carabiner attachment point, and an integrated money clip. The Element holds 3-10 cards and 1-5 bills.


  • For more refined tastes, consider the Contour. Hand-stitched leather on a CNC-machined stainless-steel plate, treated with an elegant PVD coating for added durability, corrosion and tarnish resistance. The extended strap carries up to 13 cards and 10 bills.


  • The Ascent wallet maintains a slim profile with minimal credit cards and cash. This is ideal for a recipient who wears custom-tailored clothing. The leather has a break-in period to form around the wallet contents. Over time, this unique piece develops a patina and style unique to its owner. 

How to Decide

Here is a comparison chart to help you evaluate the objective features of Trayvax wallets.



When you choose a gift from Trayvax - consider engraving to customize it. Laser engraving cuts into the metal, leather, or stainless steel to send your message while still maintaining corrosion resistance. Look for the “ENGRAVE IT” button at checkout.


What if a Wallet is Not the Right Thing?

A wallet is probably not the right gift for everyone on your gift list. So, here are some additional choices from Trayvax. No matter what you choose, Trayvax always says quality, Made in the USA.


·      High-Quality Ballpoint Pen  

Ideal stocking stuffers, you can’t go wrong with a high-quality ballpoint pen. This unique bullet space pen can write at altitudes of 12,500 and in temperatures of −30 to 250°F. Perfect for mountain climbers and astronauts and anyone who truly appreciates an exquisite writing implement.


·      RFID Blocker

Risks come with carrying credit cards, so an RFID-blocking card is a great gift idea. If an RFID-blocking wallet is too much, at least offer the benefits of an RFID card. The Trayvax Armor Plate has a slim profile, perfect for any wallet.


·      Quality Keychains and Carabiner Clips

A plain keyring screams to be replaced with a high-quality Trayvax Keydex. No more loud, jingly keys that poke holes in pockets! The Keydex is a secure, quiet key-carry system that keeps living with up to 12 keys more organized. Now, THIS is the gift for the person who has everything (else.)

If You’re Still Looking

If that entire Holiday Gift Guide 2023 didn’t help you select something, there’s still more on the Trayvax site! Check out the Gear & Apparel page for all the best goodies. You’ll find:


  • Key Chains
  • Lanyards and Straps
  • Replacement Parts
  • Ration Emergency Food Kit
  • Nalgene 32oz Wide-Mouth Water Bottle
  • Trayvax Heavyweight Pullover Hoodie
  • Trayvax Trek Field Knife
  • Cinch Belts
  • Link Stretch Lanyard
  • Climb-Spec Nylon Link Lanyard
  • Trayvax Carabiner
  • Summit Grip Cellphone Wallet Attachment
  • Shift Wallet Comb
  • Weatherproof Pocket Notepad


Ready for the 2023 Gift-Giving Season

Now that you’re ready for the 2023 Gift-Giving Season, we wish you all the best from everyone here at Trayvax!

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