The Best Father’s Day Gifts for 2023

The Best Father’s Day Gifts for 2023

Time to buy dad another tie! Or not! Is your dad one of those guys who seem to have everything? If they want something during the year, they just go out and buy it. So, it seems to be pretty much impossible to buy anything special for him come Father’s Day.

But you can do better than a tie. A pie is a good place to start, but even that isn’t the best Father’s Day gift for 2023.

Let’s begin by looking at the roots of Father’s Day.

The History of Father’s Day

It might not surprise you, but Father’s Day became official MUCH later than Mother’s Day. Lady’s first, and all that.

Here in the US, we were certainly not the first to think about creating a holiday to celebrate fatherhood. European countries started observing Father’s Day on March 19th, way back in 1508. They linked it to the Catholic Feast of St. Joseph to celebrate Joseph of Nazareth, the father of Jesus.

Mother’s Day Inspired Father’s Day

Mother’s Day has its roots in the peace-and-reconciliation campaigns after the Civil War. During the 1860s, Ann Reeves Jarvis organized “Mother’s Work Days” to bring together the mothers of Union and Confederate soldiers.

But Mother’s Day didn’t become an official holiday until 1908. Jarvis’s daughter, Anna, wanted to honor her mother by making Mother’s Day a national holiday. For the event, the John Wanamaker department store in Philadelphia hosted an event for mothers.

With such profit potential, Mother’s Day caught on immediately. By 1909, 45 states celebrated mothers, and in 1914, mothers had their own national holiday.

What About the Origins of Father’s Day?

Truth is, the campaign to celebrate fathers wasn’t met with the same enthusiasm. Some suggested that perhaps fathers just don’t have adequate sentimental appeal. 

Our nation’s first event specifically to honor fathers was on July 5th, 1908, in the same timeframe. A West Virginia church conducted a sermon in memory of 362 men who died in the December 1907 explosion at the Fairmont Coal Company mines in Monongah. Nobody suggested, even at the time, that this would be an ongoing holiday. It was a one-time commemoration.

Then in 1909, Sonora Smart Dodd, from Spokane, Washington, tried to create an equivalent holiday to Mother’s Day for male parents. As one of 6 children raised by a widower, she felt it was important enough to go to local churches, the YMCA, the government, and shopkeepers to drum up support.

She was successful! Washington State celebrated Father’s Day on June 19th, 1910. That was just a couple of years after President Woodrow Wilson made Mother’s Day official. But it wasn’t until 58 years later, in 1972, that the day that honors fathers was made a nationwide US holiday.

When is Father’s Day?

Father’s Day is always the third Sunday in June. So, in 2023, Father’s Day is Sunday, June 18th, in the United States.

In the 1920s and 30s, a movement tried to combine Mother’s Day and Father’s Day as Parent’s Day. Obviously, the attempt failed. Father’s Day promotions read, “second Christmas for men,” with most dads receiving ties, hats, socks, or sporting goods. During World War II, Father’s Day honored our troops and supported the war effort.

What Are the Best Father’s Day Gifts for 2023?

Well, ties, hats, and socks are for sure not the best gifts for dad. Some dads will love sporting goods or season tickets, but you’ll probably need to find other options, too.

The first thing to consider when giving dad a present is quality and durability. You might have one of those dads who will be nice if you give him crap. But he doesn’t want his image tarnished by carrying around a cheap wallet, for example, “just because my kid got it for me.” (Works the same for wife and gf, too!)

So, anything with the Trayvax 65-year heirloom warranty is a solid choice for a Father’s Day gift. It’ll demonstrate a quality impression for dad, and he can pass it down later, too. 

Still Not Sure? A Trayvax Gift Card is the Best Father’s Day Gift for 2023

Has your dad ever had anything from Trayvax? If so, you can be sure he’ll cherish a gift card to pick out his own present.

What if your dad has never had anything from Trayvax before? Trayvax owners are incredibly loyal because everything is so high quality. It’s a super safe bet that your dad will love spending your money at Trayvax!

A gift card is the perfect way to let him know you’ve thought about him and what he likes. Yet, you respect him enough to let him choose for himself. He can choose from Trayvax outdoor gear, specialty handcrafted items, and rugged equipment. Perfect for any dad!

Why Heirloom Gifts for Father’s Day

Trayvax heirloom products carry a 65-year warranty because it’s about the legacy. If you have other heirloom treasures, you’ll appreciate why this is so important. Parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, friends, teachers, and mentors pass along cherished heirlooms. You may have a pocket watch, vintage jewelry, family quilts, artwork, or well-worn tools.

Although the sentimentality of heirlooms remains with us, we have another element in today’s world. Now, we need to consider sustainability, too. There are lots of ways something can be sustainable but making something in the USA that will last for generations is high on the list.

Happy Father’s Day 2023

We’re glad you could join us here at Trayvax for the 2023 Father’s Day Celebrations. We’ve worked hard to handcraft these products as your next family heirloom. And we especially hope our 2023 specials thrill your dad.

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