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Now that the word is out, slim wallets for men are really taking off. Whether you put your wallet into your front pocket to deter pickpockets or reduce back pain, it must be slim. Plus, now that most men carry more cards than cash, slim wallets just make good sense.

This slim wallet review covers storage capacity, quality, ease of use, weight, color and material options, RFID-blocking technology and more. Let’s start with a table, so you can compare the major features of each. Then, we’ll look at the details of each wallet more in-depth.

Comparison of Slim Wallets for Men

Here are the details for each category in the table so you can be sure to compare apples to apples.

·      Brand

The brand is simply the manufacturer. Does it matter what company made your wallet? To some people, it matters not one little bit! To others, it’s crucial. How does it become crucial?

Well, if you don’t care (yet) what company made your wallet, then you haven’t had an extraordinary experience with a wallet. You buy one and use it until it falls apart, then probably someone else gets one for you as a gift.

Some brands of slim wallets for men have exceptionally loyal brand bases. Literally, these people would never even consider buying another brand of wallet. How do we know? We know because over 90% of Trayvax customers purchase more than one wallet. That doesn’t sound all that exceptional until you realize that each one lasts a lifetime!

·      Materials

Slim wallets for men have a short list of materials as options. You’ll see choices for different colors of leather and types of metal. Different types of metal give you various finishes. Add some color choices, and your wallet makes a real style statement.

Now, men frequently have different wallets for different occasions. Take a sleek, sophisticated slim wallet on date night. Then, switch to a rugged, rustic-style wallet for your next weekend in the woods. And, of course, you’ll need a no-nonsense, practical slim wallet packed with features for your EDC.

·      Made In

Wallets are made all around the world, and perhaps it makes no difference to you where your wallet was made. Many high-quality leather goods are made in Europe, so you may find a brand you like from Spain, for example. Some brands, usually of lower quality and cost, are made in China.

But many brands of exceptionally high-quality slim wallets are sourced and manufactured right here in the USA. This is one way to support American Industry and our nation’s economy.

·      Storage & Features

Every slim wallet holds cards. Debit and credit cards, ID cards and business cards are all about the same size and shape. Cash is a different matter altogether. Some slim wallets have a designated space for cash, either folded or flat. Others expect you to carry your cash in a separate money clip. This is more a matter of personal preference, so you’ll be able to see in the table which ones are designed to carry cash.

The features section of this category includes other notable details about the wallet, like bottle openers and key/coin holders. Plus, some have attachment points, so you can use a lanyard to connect your wallet to a backpack or belt loop.

·      RFID Protection

Now that there is such a thing as an electronic pickpocket, you need to keep your data as safe as you keep your cards. The hackers use a specialized device to read the information on your credit or debit card from several feet away. So, they capture (i.e., steal) your data without you being able to tell! You can add RFID protection to any wallet, but many wallets have it built in.

·      Warranty

Warranty is not the only indicator of quality, but it is a good one. You know a fridge with a 1-year warranty is different than one with a 10-year warranty – and the guarantee isn’t the only difference. So, the table includes a column for the warranty. Of course, this goes back to the manufacturer, too. If you don’t expect to be able to claim on the warranty because the manufacturer is impossible to reach or is simply too far away, the length of time may mean little. 

A Table to Compare the Best Slim Wallets for Men


Brand & Model


Made In

Storage & Features



Trayvax Element

Stainless-steel frame

Top-grain oil-tanned leather



3-10 cards

1-5 folded bills

Built-in money clip

Bottle opener

Attachment point

Card selection window

65-Year Heirloom Warranty


Original 2.0

High-pressure fiberglass laminate

Anodized aircraft-grade aluminum front plate

Stainless steel backplate

MIL-SPEC paracord


Up to 15 cards

1-5 folded bills

Built-in money clip

Bottle opener

Attachment point

ID badge holder

Easy access ID window

Security clasp

Durable pry bar

65-Year Heirloom Warranty

The Ridge

Titanium, Carbon Fiber or Aluminum


Cash Strap, Money Clip or both




Top-grain oil-tanned leather

Metals: Titanium, Brass, or Stainless Steel


1-13 cards

1-10 folded bills

Integrated bottle opener

Attachment point

Adjustable sliding clasp

Torx wrench

65-year heirloom warranty

Harber London RFID Card Holder



16 cards

A few bills




Venture Billfold

Raw tumbled Aluminum frame Hand stitched Black/Brown Leather


9 standard, 12 stretched cards

20+ flat bills

Bi-fold design

Magnetic Closure

Instant Card Access

65-year heirloom warranty

The Spine Wallet

Various metals


6-10 cards

Bottle opener

(Accidental) Attachment point




Slim stainless-steel frame

Hand-stitched top-grain leather

MIL-SPEC nylon pull tab



4-7 cards

1-5 folded bills

Easy access ID window

Quick access card slot and pull tab

Attachment point


65-year heirloom warranty

Dango Maverick Rail

Brushed metal aerospace-grade aluminum

Silicone band to secure notes and receipts


Up to 9 cards

Quick-release rail mechanism for easy access


Trayvax Axis

Stainless-steel frame

Nylon strap


1-14 cards

1-8 folded bills

Attachment point

Hidden coin pocket/ keyholder

Easy access ID window

65-year heirloom warranty


An In-depth Look at the Best Slim Wallets for Men

These slim wallets all provide value. It’s just a matter of deciding which one(s) has the features that work for you. Here is a more in-depth look at each one.

Trayvax Element Slim Wallet

This TSA-approved metal wallet features a rugged stainless-steel frame combined with top-grain oil-tanned leather. Stylish and unique, it provides RFID-blocking protection and an integrated money clip. It will hold 3-10 cards and 1-5 folded bills as an EDC. The Element is made in the USA and has a 65-year heirloom warranty from Trayvax. Fun extra features like a convenient bottle opener, an attachment point, and the selection window put the Element at the top of our best of the best slim wallets list.

The Element is slim enough for a front pocket carry and rugged enough for outdoor activities. It’s also stylish enough to impress your date or co-workers for an everyday carry. Solid durability and refined elegance combine right here in the Trayvax Element.

The Trayvax Original 2.0

Also, at the top of all the best slim wallet lists is the Trayvax Original 2.0. Made in the USA with exceptional durability, this multi-functional, tactical, TSA-approved wallet is built to withstand tough everyday use.

Adjust this wallet to perfectly fit the cards in your EDC carry. Solid RFID protection comes with a money clip, a handy bottle opener, and a pry bar. The Original 2.0 holds 1-5 folded bills and up to 15 cards.

The Ridge Wallet

The Ridge Wallet is well-known as an elegant choice in today’s slim wallet market. The simple design keeps cards together, with a money clip on the back. Very secure but has easy access, too. The Ridge comes in many colors and different metals, so you can customize it to your look. Use the Ridge Wallet to hold up to 12 cards and block RFID. The elastic will wear out before the metal frame, but you can replace the elastic when needed. 

The Contour

The Contour slim wallet by Trayvax combines a durable Titanium, Brass, or Stainless-steel frame overlayed with high-quality leather. Excellent outdoorsy features like:

  • Bottle opener
  • Attachment point to connect a backpack or belt loop
  • Torx wrench
  • Durability, even when outdoors in the elements

The practical yet stylish design holds up to 13 cards and 10 bills. Choose from four leather colors.

Harber London RFID Card Holder

The Harber London RFID Card Holder, handmade in Spain, exudes quality and sophistication. This cardholder-style slim wallet comes in several attractive 2-tone and solid color combinations. The cardholder holds 6 cards and a few bills, which is not bad for weighing only about half an ounce. Choose this if you’d like to have a well-made, stylish, European leather slim wallet.

The Venture Billfold

The Trayvax Venture Billfold demonstrates the forward-thinking skills of these American designers. Redefining the traditional bi-fold wallet, the Venture combines modern low-profile card storage with a full-sized cash pocket.

Solving the security issues with a billfold-style wallet, the distinctive magnetic closure makes security automatic. Yet, you still have instant access with the best slim wallet functionality in a traditional wallet style. Holds up to 9 cards standard or 12 stretched and 20 or more bills.

The Spine Wallet

The super slim Spine Wallet is made using a single metal sheet and a simple elastic band in the center. Certainly, nothing could be simpler. A bottle opener cut directly into the metal is perfect for opening bottles, but it also makes the wallet even lighter. The cutout also works as an (accidental) attachment point because that was not the original purpose. 

The Ascent by Trayvax Ascent

This ultra-slim wallet has a durable melonite finish on the metal parts that looks incredible with the hand-stitched top-grain leather. Sized to fit nicely in your front pocket, the Ascent Minimalist Leather Wallet has TSA approval, RFID blocking protection, an easy access ID window for 2 or 3 cards, and an attachment point.

The Ascent holds 4 -7 cards and up to 5 bills with a quick access card slot and pull tab for 2-4 cards. The cash slot is ideal for bills and receipts. Made in the USA, the Ascent carries the Trayvax 65-year heirloom warranty.

Dango Maverick Rail

Dango uses brushed metal aerospace-grade aluminum for the Maverick Rail slim wallet. The innovative quick-release rail mechanism gives easy access, holding up to 9 cards. A silicone band secures notes and receipts.

The Trayvax Axis Slim Wallet

This ingenious stainless steel bi-fold metal wallet has a money clip, an easy-access ID window, plus a hidden coin pocket or key holder. The Axis Wallet holds up to 14 cards and 8 folded bills. RFID blocking, TSA approved. This practical, compact wallet fits into the slimmest front pocket.

How to Decide on the Best Slim Wallet

When you purchase one of these slim wallets, you will likely carry it around for decades, so making the right choice is important. When you are staring down using a wallet every day for the next 65 years, you’ll want to carefully consider a few factors. Suddenly, your wallet has now become a family heirloom.

These slim wallets are practical and stylish, and all have solid features. Consider your EDC in light of these features, and maybe ask your son what he thinks since he might be carrying it someday, too.

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