Stay Hydrated - The Best Water Bottles to Buy in 2023

Stay Hydrated - The Best Water Bottles to Buy in 2023

Shopping for a water bottle? Are you looking to eliminate your use of disposable bottles? Replace an aging or lost water bottle? Or just finally accepted that you need a reusable water bottle with you all the time to remind you to drink enough water?

Staying hydrated is critical, especially when you are active. But some water bottles taste bad or don’t keep your water cool enough to be pleasant to drink. Some leak. Some sweat. Others are hard to carry or find a place to put them down. And some are difficult to clean. A good water bottle reminds you to keep hydrated as you enjoy active pursuits indoors or outside.

So, as an everyday carry to work or school, to the gym, or on a run, having the best reusable water bottle makes a big difference. For yoga classes, biking, and hiking, you don’t want to go without a water bottle.

Experts vary on their recommendations for how much water you should drink. But chances are, it’s more than you’re drinking right now. Carrying a water bottle you like, with all the right features, makes it easier to stay hydrated and refreshed throughout your days.

Disposable plastic water bottles are expensive for both your wallet and the planet. And now that you have a choice from so many genuinely gorgeous reusable water bottles, there’s no need to buy bottled water. Keep your reusable water bottle close at hand to make it convenient to stay hydrated.

Stop Using Disposable Single-Use Plastic Water Bottles

Do you still need more motivation to stop using disposable, single-use plastic water bottles? Here are some of the most persuasive, inspirational reasons to make buying bottled water a thing of the past.

Reduce Plastic Waste

Ah, you say, but I can recycle my single-use plastic water bottle! True, but only a small fraction ever actually gets recycled. Plus, the plastic can only be recycled a few times before the fibers degrade, and it ends up in the landfill or in the ocean. Plastic in landfills leach chemicals that pollute the soil and harm the wildlife. Plus, plastic bottles are one of the most common items polluting our oceans. 

But if saving the planet isn’t enough for you, let’s look at what single-use plastic can do to your health.

Protect Your Health from Toxic Chemicals

Just like the plastic leaches harmful chemicals into the soil, over time, disposable bottles leach toxins into you, too. They’re pretty safe when they are new, but if you leave them in the car and they get hot, the temperature could accelerate the leaching process. And never reuse a single-use bottle! It doesn’t take much damage or age to make them unsafe.

How unhealthy they are is still debated, but chemicals in them, like BPA, are linked to hormone imbalances, infertility, cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. You likely know to avoid BPA in a reusable water bottle. However, amazingly many popular bottled water brands still include significant amounts.

Remind Yourself to Stay Hydrated

There is nothing like a reusable water bottle staring you down to remind you to stay hydrated! It sits on your desk, in your cup holder, or hangs from your backpack, screaming, “Drink more water!” No more wandering about trying to find a store, vending machine, or even a tap. Keep your daily supply with you at all times.

When you carry a reusable water bottle, you are more likely to stay hydrated, period. Staying hydrated elevates cognitive and physical health, improves focus and digestion, minimizes headaches, clears skin, speeds up muscle recovery, and more. Not bad for a simple drink of water!

Track How Much Water You Drink

A reusable water bottle encourages you to drink more water and helps you keep track of how much you drink. Sort of like a Fitbit for water consumption. You can always see how well you’re doing and how much further you have to go.

For example, if your goal is to drink 64 oz (2 lt) of water a day, you can refill a 32 oz (1 lt) once and know you have met your goal. Also, during and after exercise, seeing how much water is left in your reusable water bottle prevents you from over or under-hydrating. It’s easier to keep track of water intake when the bottle has markings.

Save Money with Reusable Water Bottles

Reusable water bottles are certainly cheaper than buying disposable bottled water. Buy 3 or 4 cases of bottled water, and you’ve already paid for a good water bottle.

You’ll Look Way Cooler

Admit it. A reusable water bottle just looks better. Choose from different styles or colors, but even a simple, durable, clear, reusable bottle sends a message. You care about the planet and your health and are good with money.

The Best Reusable Water Bottles in 2023

Hopefully, these reasons convinced you that a reusable water bottle is a great idea. Now, you just need to decide which one is best for you. There are literally thousands available on the market, but here are a few to start.


Glossier is a well-known beauty brand, so they added the water bottle because of the beauty benefits of staying hydrated. Certainly, a great style choice, this 16 oz Nalgene bottle probably slips right into the large cup holder in your car. The downside of the smaller size is you’ll need to keep track of how many times you refill it each day. Many people like to refill it up to 4 times a day, or more, which is easy to forget. 

W&P Porter Glass Bottle with a Silicone Sleeve

Another great style choice, the W&P Porter Glass Bottle with a Silicone Sleeve, has a narrow mouth, so it’s fairly easy to drink from. This 20 oz glass bottle is lightweight and easy to hand wash because there are no grooves on the lid for bacteria to grow. If you really love the style, you can set up a matching bowl and insulated ceramic tumbler (for coffee and hot tea) to carry for a stylin’ lunch on the go.

Hay George Sowden Water Bottle

A sleek, minimalist design gives the Hay George Sowden Water Bottle a simple, modern style. Various color block options make this 17 oz water bottle ideal for the office, where it won’t look out of place as it sits on your desk, serving as a reminder to up your water intake. Remember to refill the bottle several times a day and keep track of how much water you drink.

Trayvax Wide Mouth Water Bottle

The Trayvax Nalgene 32 oz bottle has a leakproof screw-on lid, is BPA-free, and is suitable for both warm and cold beverages. Top-rack dishwasher safe, this durable, reusable water bottle is built to last. The larger size means less refilling, and the wide mouth makes cleaning a breeze. Liquid level markings on the outside help you easily keep track of your water intake. Made in the USA, perfect for every sport to help you stay hydrated and on the go.


Whether your motivation comes from environmental issues, better health, saving money, or stylish options for your desk or gym bag, a reusable water bottle is an ideal choice.

Using plastics as much as we have over the last 50 years created an ecological problem as plastic waste collects in rivers, streams, and oceans. Plastics leak toxins into our drinking water, too. For health and environmental reasons, conscientious consumers look to reduce plastic consumption.

Recycling plastics, using paper bags, and reusable water bottles are all ways to take on more responsibility for reducing the plastic problem. Switching to a reusable water bottle helps limit plastic pollution. Once you understand just how important making this switch is, it becomes easier.

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