Best Minimalist Wallet for Women in 2023

Best Minimalist Wallet for Women in 2023

Times have changed. Women’s every day carries have changed, too. It started with adding a cell phone. She carries her phone from room to room in the house, so of course, it comes with her when she goes out.

But aside from that precious phone, women have various styles when it comes to deciding what to carry.

  • Ready for Everything – She carries a big bag with everything she (or anyone else) might ever need. She has a duplicate of every type of makeup that she owns, so she can redo her face from scratch any time. Inside her big bag, she has a coin purse and a wallet to carry bank cards, membership cards, and her ID. Ask her for the kitchen sink. Chances are it is in the big bag she carries over her shoulder.
  • The Essentials – She carries a small purse or clutch, often cross-body or with a wrist strap. If you peek inside, you’ll find her phone, a Chapstick or neutral lipstick color (but no other makeup), and either a dual-duty coin purse and wallet or a separate coin purse and minimalist wallet. She carries receipts from the last few days, hand sanitizer, and perhaps a comb and a couple of hair ties. She may have sunglasses, and she probably carries a small notebook.
  • The Minimalist – She only carries her phone and a minimalist wallet in her pocket. She wears jeans with good-sized pockets and often a jacket with pockets that can hold items, too. She keeps her cards and ID in a simple, minimalist wallet, usually with a bit of cash. She may have some coins with her, but they are the change from purchases made today. She doesn’t usually start the day with coins in her pockets.

No matter her style, she carries a wallet with her ID and bank cards, and some cash. So, here are some recommendations for the best minimalist wallets for each.

Ready for Everything

The woman who is ready for everything has lots of room to carry things with her. But that doesn’t mean she wants a bulky, old-fashioned wallet. She is looking for tools to organize her bag, so she wants a wallet with as many features as possible.

The best minimalist wallet for the woman who is ready for anything is the Trayvax Mini Roam Clutch. This luxurious women’s mini clutch wallet never goes out of style.

As a minimalist wallet for inside her large bag, she can choose a wristlet strap. This allows her to keep the wallet secure when she takes it out and even to use it as a clutch when she wants to leave the bag behind.

At 8½” wide, 3½” high, and 3” deep, the Mini Roam Clutch is a discrete size, perfect to put inside her bag. The Mini Roam holds 12 cards, with mini pouches for lipstick, bobby pins, or keys. The 3 snap closures keep everything contained inside, so nothing spills out into the bag, even with rough handling. The attachment points on the edges mean she can attach the clutch to the inside of the bag with a lanyard for extra security.

Many new owners of the Mini Roam Clutch are surprised by the luscious soft wool interior with the top grain USA leather exterior. With easy access, yet complete security with a double snap closure, the Roam Mini has a classy feel. Choose black or brown to complement her bag.

The Roam Mini is handmade of exquisite Horween leather, offering an unparalleled blend of both quality and consistency. To top it all off, this gorgeous wallet carries an heirloom 65-year warranty. Imagine a leather clutch as a family heirloom!

The Essentials

The practical style of the Essentials woman means she’s looking for a small purse or clutch she can carry with a wrist strap or cross-body for security. The best option for the Essentials woman is the Trayvax Roam Clutch. Plus, inside the Roam Clutch, she may want a minimalist wallet to organize her cards and cash even more.

The Roam Clutch is the standard full-sized version of the Roam Mini, with a large pouch on the back to hold her phone. It’s also handmade of high-quality leather with the luscious wool interior. Within the purse, there are specific slots to carry 12 cards. Still, many Essentials women prefer to have an additional minimalist wallet inside. For this, she has two options.

Option 1

The Axis bi-fold slim wallet holds up to 14 cards and 8 folded bills, so she has both cards and cash with her all the time. There is a small, hidden coin or key holder where she can slide a few coins or the extra key to the cabin.

The stainless-steel frame has an attachment point, so she can use a lanyard to attach it to the inside of the Roam Clutch, her backpack, or belt loop. Plus, the easy access ID window means she doesn’t ever need to take her gym membership card out to show it at the door.

Option 2

If she likes to carry lots of coins with her every day, the Trayvax Renegade is a natural choice. This traditional style, leather, zippered wallet has two sections to keep cards and cash separate. Ideal for bills, coins, and cards, she can keep everything together in one place.

Available in both brown and black, choose the color to complement her Roam Clutch. The lockable zipper pull means her coins don’t end up in the bottom of her purse, and the cards are safe from damage. The Renegade fits nicely inside the Roam Clutch and also carries the Trayvax 65-year heirloom warranty.  

The Minimalist

The minimalist woman wants the same features in a slim wallet as a man, but she doesn’t want it to look like she’s carrying your grandfather’s wallet! So, we highly recommend the Trayvax Original 2.0. It holds up to 15 cards and 5 folded bills, easily adjusting to fit exactly what’s inside. The RFID blocking feature keeps all her cards safe from virtual identity thieves.

The Original 2.0 is ideal when she travels by air since it is TSA approved. The anodized aircraft-grade aluminum front plate means it’s super light and easy to carry. An ID badge holder and easy access ID window make for a practical everyday carry. And surprise! The pry bar and built-in bottle opener are a super bonus!


But what makes the Original 2.0 unique and specifically desirable for women is the range of available colors. The black, gray, and G10 are forever neutrals, but the (turquoise) blue and OD (khaki) green are rather irresistible. Sourced and made in the USA, the Original 2.0 is also backed by the Trayvax 65-year heirloom warranty.

Why Women Want Minimalist Wallets

No matter which one of the various styles she chooses for her every day carry, women are shifting toward minimalist wallets. Some see the durability and longevity as a positive long-term choice. Others look more at how practical a slim wallet is, either alone or inside a purse, bag, or clutch.

Perfect for a quick run to the store when she only needs the essentials. Ideal to pop into a gym bag for a morning workout. Popping a card from a minimalist wallet is a matter of sliding it out, so quick and easy access is another reason to switch from bulky, legacy-style wallets.

Now that carrying a wad of cash is just not a thing, minimalist wallets are simply more practical. Whether she carries the wallet in a clutch, purse, or her pocket, something compact makes life easier.

Plus, a slim minimalist wallet is an organizational tool. It’s impossible to carry tons of receipts and other trash in your wallet when there just isn’t room. So, a minimalist wallet supports the minimalist mindset and lifestyle. Get rid of the clutter and only keep that which brings joy!

Finally, these new, slim wallets have extra features that nobody ever connected with old-fashioned wallets. RFID protection tops the list of solutions to modern problems, with TSA approval a close second. But who ever imagined that a wallet would have a pry bar, bottle opener, or an attachment point? Now, these wallets can go with her on hiking trips, not just shopping trips!

Finally, some women may be interested in having a different bag for every outfit. But most prefer the longevity and durability that comes with a minimalist wallet with a 65-year heirloom warranty. And even among those who like to have a different bag with every outfit, many carry the same slim wallet inside with their ID and bank cards.

What’s Her Style? Minimalist Wallets for Women in 2023

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or for a gift, these minimalist wallet choices for women in 2023 give you some ideas. Choose just one or combine a couple for a practical and beautiful solution to her every day carry.

There are lots of other options for minimalist wallets in metal and leather (and combined), so don’t feel you are limited to this list. And remember, many women are quite willing to change wallets and purses for different occasions. So, buying her more than one is absolutely allowed!

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