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Did you know that people spend more than $700 million each year on outdoor recreation in Whatcom County? People flock to this area for the recreation that abounds from the mountains in the east to the bay in the west. It seems like there’s something for everyone to enjoy out and about around here, which is why Recreation Northwest - an organization devoted to stewardship, education and outdoor fun - exists.

Toward the tail end of February, Mark and the guys packed up some wallets and set up a table at the Recreation Northwest EXPO at our home base in Bellingham, Washington. Alongside other local players in the outdoor industry, we got a chance to mingle with other outdoor-minded people from all over Washington and the Pacific Northwest.

As people approached our table and began to interact with our product line, we discovered that they were surprised by the radical simplicity of the Summit. Yep, it’s just a metal plate and a strap. It’s a wallet designed for the absolute minimalist to provide a lightweight, secure carry.

“You can hold all that you really need with the Summit,” Ben Burnett, one of our customer service gurus, said. “Less is more.”

We designed our wallets to be simple enough to be apart of your everyday carry, but rugged enough to accompany you on your outdoor adventures. Our goal at the expo was to get the Summit and our other wallets into the hands of outdoor enthusiasts. With social media, we get to follow all kinds of adventures people take with our products. Share your story with us using the Trayvax hashtag!

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Alex Faudel
Alex Faudel

April 13, 2016

Hey guys, I just got the original wallet in od cerakote around December, and have carried it ever since. Everything on it is so well thought out and I love to carry it. Keep up the good work! And I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with in the future.

Scott Waldenfels
Scott Waldenfels

March 12, 2016

I love the wallets … I have purchased all 3 wallets. I would hope to see you improve to RFID capabilities however.

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