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Chasing Winter Waves

Nolan Leh is a designer and photographer at Trayvax. When he’s not at work, he’s often working on bike projects in his personal shop, scrambling ridgelines or chasing surf in the Pacific Northwest.

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Trayvax at Recreation Northwest EXPO

Did you know that people spend more than $700 million each year on outdoor recreation in Whatcom County? People flock to this area for the recreation that abounds from the mountains in the east to the bay in the west. It seems like there’s something for everyone to enjoy out and about around here, which is why Recreation Northwest - an organization devoted to stewardship, education and outdoor fun - exists. Toward the tail end of February, Mark and the guys packed up some wallets and set up a table at the Recreation Northwest EXPO at our home base in Bellingham, Washington. Alongside other local players in the outdoor industry, we got a chance to mingle with other outdoor-minded people...

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Why You Shouldn't Sit on Your Wallet

They say that old habits die hard. A cup of coffee in the morning to get your day started; the ritual search for your keys, phone and wallet before making your morning commute to work; your keys stay in your hand to lock the front door, your phone goes in your left pocket and your wallet in your right back pocket. While you’re driving to work, you begin to notice a dull ache radiating from your low back. While you wish you could attribute it to hitting the gym too hard the day before, you know that it’s been a few days - maybe even weeks - since the last time you went. No, it’s not that. It’s gotta be...

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RFID Protection

For a quick rundown on what RFID is click here. To learn more about the protective qualities of Trayvax wallets, click here. Unfortunately, credit card theft has become a common danger in our technologically advanced society. There are multiple ways thieves attempt to capture your information including mail theft, skimming, and RFID scanning. One of the more common methods is skimming where a thief places their skimming device on a credit card reader, like an ATM. Once you slide your card to complete a transaction, the thief will attain your credit card information. Another, less common danger is RFID scanning. RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification, which is embedded in credit cards and enhanced IDs through the card’s built in antenna....

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Adventure Story: Costa Rica

                           Two weeks in Costa Rica! Can’t think of a better way to de-stress after the holidays. My brother, best friend, and I found a cheap flight and travelled around this tropical paradise. We travelled through Liberia, Playas del Coco, Puntarenas, Manuel Antonio, and Monteverdi. Along the way we played football in the ocean and had dinner while monkeys gave us a show as the sun set over the ocean. We explored rainforests and cloud forests finding many amazing animals including the elusive Quetzal. Zip lining was one of the most memorable events.              We signed up for a set of 8 zip...

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