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This is Why Rich People Prefer Long Wallets

This is Why Rich People Prefer Long Wallets

Picture a rich person paying for a drink at the bar. What wallet do they take out of their pocket? Is it a cool metal wallet? Is it a metal money clip-card holder? Chances are that it’s a long leather wallet that boasts a collection of black cards. No big deal.

No doubt, the rich do things differently. That includes how and where they carry their cards and cash. But have you ever wondered why rich people prefer long wallets? Is it because it’s the only wallet that can hold a couple of hundred dollars?

Why do the wealthy use long wallets?

These days, slim minimalist wallets are the standard type of wallet. However, rich people still prefer long wallets. Let’s look at some of the reasons why the wealthy use long wallets:

#1 They help you manage your money

Have you ever wondered why rich people pay with crisp cash? That’s because long wallets let them carry their cash perfectly flat. This, in turn, lets them see how much money they’ve spent and saved. That’s probably one of the reasons why the rich are rich!

#2 They preserve your cards

The problem with carrying your cards and coins in a single wallet is that tends to cause scratches. Coins can scratch the surface of your credit cards, and in some cases, this can damage the card completely. A long leather wallet has several compartments to separate your cards from your coins.

#3 They can carry so many cards

How many credit cards do you have? You probably have four or five, at most. Rich people, on the other hand, have way more than that. That’s why they use long RFID-blocking wallets to carry all of their credit cards (and more).

Are long wallets only for the wealthy?

Of course not! If you’re looking for a wallet that’s packed with pockets, then a long wallet is perfect for you. Fortunately, you can buy a long bi-fold wallet for men without breaking the bank. Below are a few of our favorite affordable wallets for men:

#1 Tommy Hilfiger Secretary Wallet

It’s impossible not to include Tommy Hilfiger in this list of long, luxury wallets. The Tommy Hilfiger Secretary Wallet is crafted from sheepskin and is accentuated by superior stitching. It has eleven card slots in total, as well as separate compartments for your cash and a display window for your identification card. This front pocket wallet comes in one color, with nothing but the brand’s signature blue, white, and red symbol on its cover.

#2 Fossil Derrick Executive

Fossil is another fashion brand that creates finely crafted leather wallets for men. The Fossil Derrick Executive is a true testament to their craftsmanship. This brown leather wallet for men flaunts a “worn-out” finish that feels soft to the touch. It has several card slots as well as one compartment for coins and accessories.

#3 Trayvax Explorer Passport Wallet

Travel in style with the Trayvax Explorer Passport Wallet. Not only does it securely store your cards and cash in separate compartments, but it also protects your personal information. It’s an RFID-bocking wallet that boasts layers and layers of nylon. Best of all, its slim design lets you inconspicuously slip it inside your shirt or pants pocket.

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What’s the best way to carry a long wallet?

Not all wallets will fit inside your pocket. Some of them will “peek” out when you try to shove them into your pocket. So, how can you carry your long wallet when you don’t want to bring a bag?

  • Carry it as a chain wallet. Long wallets like the Trayvax Roam Clutch come with a shoulder strap so you can sling them over your shoulders. If you’re not into that, you can always swap it for a wristlet.
  • Carry it as a clutch. If your long wallet won’t fit inside your pocket, then flaunt it.
  • Carry a men’s slim minimalist wallet. If your pants have deep pockets, you can carry your wallet in your pocket as long as it’s slim enough. With that said, you should invest in a slim leather wallet like the ones we have at Trayvax.

The bottom line

If you’ve been using a bi-fold wallet for men, it might take some time to get used to your long leather wallet. Will it be worth it? Definitely. If you’re looking for a wallet that will not only make you look rich, but will also help you handle your finances better, then a long wallet is your best bet.

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I’ve carried a long/breast pocket wallet for almost 50 years and won’t carry another type of wallet.
My father, great grandfather and grandfather on dad’s side of the family always carried one.
I agree with what my grandfather told me about carrying a long wallet in that adds prestige and class to a man’s wardrobe.
I currently own three long wallets-one each from Tumi, Hugo Bosca and Gucci.
I carry the Tumi on a daily basis because of the design and the ability of it not to get bulky and love it for that.
I carry the Bosca when I need a temporary up grade to my wallet situation. It works great for an upscale date night with my fiancee.
The Gucci is only used for special events such as black tie events and weddings etc.. when my other half pushes hard enough.

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