Trendy Slim Wallet with Money Clip

Trendy Slim Wallet with Money Clip

Are you looking for a cool metal wallet to carry with you? Trayvax has a number of slim wallets, to hold all of your cards and cash in even the smallest of pocket.

Trayvax Element: Thin Yet Tough

If you’re looking for a wallet that can keep up with you every day, the Trayvax Element is the wallet you’re looking for. This tactical wallet is made with the best oil-tanned leather, and held together by a stainless-steel frame. Whatever you’re doing, the Element will do it with you. It’s perfect for the outdoors, but even on long-haul business trips, it works wonderfully. It won’t fall apart in the rain, nor will it shatter at the first drop. It’s even TSA approved, so it can join you in the air. Pay for your in-flight needs with the cards stored within it. You’ll love it for life, and so will your kids, with Trayvax’s unique 65-year Heirloom Warranty.

element metal money clip wallet

Trayvax Original 2.0: The Bestseller

The Trayvax Original 2.0 is the perfect wallet for any occasion. Made with aircraft-grade aluminum and extra-strong paracord, it’s at its best wherever you are. It’s slim enough for a small pocket, tough enough for even the harshest job site, but trendy enough to look good for a night on the town. It has an easy-access ID window to get into the bars easily, and a money clip to take quick care of that cover charge. This neat little wallet can even be engraved to give it that extra bit of a personal touch.

original wallet men rfid money clip

Armored Summit Wallet: Tough Metal Wallet

Would you like a wallet that keeps your cards safe, but is easy to accessorize? Then the Trayvax Armored Summit Wallet is the perfect choice. It’s our best RFID metal wallet, offering up to 95.1% RFID resistance. And not only will your cards stay safe, so will your bills. Its built-in money clip is made to last, like any of our pieces.

It’s great as it is, of course, but with a few accessories, it’s even better! You could turn it into a neat men’s notebook wallet with an easy add-on, and take your ideas and drawings with you everywhere you go. You’ll get the same security as the Summit, but with impressive leather binding, a Rite in the Rain notebook, a Bullet Space Pen, and even more storage space. Keep this wallet with you, and keep your most important items safe.

armored summit money clip wallet

Trayvax Axis: Thin Metal Bifold

The Trayvax Axis is a slim bifold wallet with a stainless-steel frame. It may not look like much, but it has plenty of space. It can hold up to 14 cards, 8 folded bills, and even some coins. You can even store a key in the hidden storage pocket. With all this space in such a small package, the Axis is the best wallet for both men and women. It fits into any pocket, even the tiny ones on a pair of skinny jeans. And it’s perfect for protecting your cards too, with its RFID resistance. No nefarious skimmers will make off with your data when you have this in your pocket. And if you want to secure it even further, use the attachment point to hook it to one of our clip-on keychains. It’ll stay firmly where it was clipped.

axis money clip wallet

Take Your Wallet With You

With all these choices, which one is the best? Honestly, the best wallet is the one you carry with you. If it’s just collecting dust on a shelf, it isn’t doing much good. Trayvax wallets are good in almost any situation, especially if they have easy-access money clips. You can get a drink from the vending machine at work, pay your bar tab, get fuel for your boat on the way to the lake, or just about anything else. Money clips are easy to access, easy to add or remove bills to and from, and come attached to some of the best Trayvax wallets out there.

In Conclusion

Trayvax has many wallets with money clips, for all of your needs. Try the Element for a rugged leather wallet. The Original 2.0 is as popular as it is for a good reason. If you need something tough and versatile, the Armored Summit is perfect. And for something slim, the Axis is best.  Buy one of our wallets, and have one you’ll love for life. But of course, the best wallet is the one you’ll use. So buy, and use, a Trayvax.

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